Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I suppose it would only fair of me to tell you that this came to me from Netflix with the lurid name of NAKED YOU DIE on the envelope but I could only find one measly image or poster for NAKED YOU DIE because apparently this was released as THE YOUNG, THE EVIL AND THE SAVAGE, so we’re going with that. Of course I wasn’t renting this because it promised a bunch of 70s sleaze under the name NAKED YOU DIE ~ I was renting it for it’s compelling story line, fine acting and award winning screenplay. So, if you’re thinking you’re going to get some good “Giallo fun” out of this, only one person is semi-naked, the kills are are very, very mild and you’ll have to deal with some awful BATMAN-the-TV-serial music the entire time.

This actually looks pretty good and has some cool camera action, to be honest. I read something on IMDb about this and some user said something like “this is a seminal film that inspired WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE which inspired BLACK CHRISTMAS (I have some thoughts on that remake HERE) which inspired HALLOWEEN which inspired everything that came after that”. I don’t know about all of that but this wasn’t too bad. Some psycho is going around killing people at a rich girls only school – you can’t go wrong with that, right?

I really liked the opening sequence in this. A lady is getting ready for her bath!! She disrobes but painfully steers clear of showing anything to the camera!! She has some sort of chicken pox scars all over her back!! She gets in and soaps up!! That water is awfully yellow!! Someone with black gloves comes in and drowns the crap out of her!! He drags her corpse out of the tub!! He sticks it in a trunk!! He mails the trunk to the school!! The credits roll as the trunk makes its way across the country by train!! The theme song is miserable!!

Cue up a van load of teachers returning to school after their break. Cue up a bunch of chicks hanging around beside a pool in their late 60’s bathing suits lavishing about the riding instructor. Cue up some shenanigans and before too long people start getting….. MURDERED!! One by one they fall!! The most heinous crimes of the 20th century!!! OOOOOOOOOHHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDD!!!  Well – it’s not that exciting but it’s not terrible. As far as these Giallos go, this is pretty tame but it’s not the worst thing my eyes have experienced. Plus Eleonora Brown was pretty hot.


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