Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Remember when Ryan Phillipe wasn’t putting celery up his butt in things like MacGruber and Benecio del Toro still seemed to be having fun doing what he does for a living? Remember when Taye Diggs was kicking ass and taking names? Remember when Scott Wilson was in Exorcist 3? Remember when you liked Juliette Lewis? Did you ever like Juliette Lewis? Do you remember when people made good movies? Do you remember life before smart phones? Do you remember video tapes? Remember when Geoffrey Lewis was in every TV show you watched as a kid? Well – if you remember all of that stuff then you’ll probably really like The Way of the Gun. But, even if you don’t remember all of that, I still bet you’ll like this – because this is really good, even if we do have to suffer a screaming Lewis for a number of minutes.

smoochie boochie

Phillipe and del Toro are two bad-ass drifting criminals just trying to get by when, at a fertility clinic, they overhear a couple of doctors talking about this rich lady’s surrogate baby mama and something or other so, naturally, they kidnap her, as we all would. Well, it’s not as easy as that. Let’s see – Juliette Lewis is carrying the baby of  the wife of Scott Wilson’s money laundering bad guy “Chidduck”. Chidduck’s wife is played by Kristin Lehman and their bodyguards are Nicky Katt and Taye Diggs. Also on the roster here are James Caan as Chidduck’s Bag Man and Geoffrey Lewis as his suicidal buddy. J Lewis may be Caan’s daughter and Chidduck’s wife may be having an affair with Diggs and Lewis may be having an affair with her doctor who may be Chidduck’s son. Got it? Excellent!

So they plan to kidnap Lewis and hold her for ransom and, not too long into the movie, there’s a wicked fire-fight (I mean that) and they make it out of there with her and hit the road. Little do they know that they fucked with the wrong money laundering bad guy and his goons. The second third involves them holed up in a seedy motel in Mexico while the bad guys who aren’t kidnappers develop their plan. The last third is basically a very long (and very good) shootout at a brothel that involves thousands of bullets and shotgun shells and a dozen bag men and a full-on Caesarian and all of that good shit. There’s nothing wrong with The Way of the Gun.  Here’s a non verbatim quote:

Fertility Clinic Guy: “What makes you think you’d make a good donor?”

Del Toro: “I don’t fuck dead people.”

Amazed Fertility Clinic Guy: “I… uh… I didn’t ask you that.”

Del Toro: “You don’t ask people that?”

Pissed Fertility Clinic Guy: “No!”

Del Toro: “(pause)………… you should……”

I think, IMO, if you haven’t seen this – you should. And yep, that’s Sarah Silverman there at the beginning.


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