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To The Good and Geometrically Correct Reader, I know we all love our shapes, I mean, who doesn’t? If it wasn’t for shape and form life would have no meaning and civilization would collapse, yes?  I’ve gone on a little here and there about having some OCD in some instances (but it’s really more that I just like things in their place ; ) ), so when it comes to my shapes I’ll always pick a nice, clean circle. Sure squares are fine and maybe even a rectangle (god save me from Trapezoids) but when it comes to triangles I find them rigid and unclean. I hate the points and I hate deriving angles and there’s not much worse (besides the Trapezoid) than a Scalene Triangle. With it’s weird lengths and uneven sides I find these hard to look at or even comprehend for that matter. But that’s not the case with SCALENE the movie. This is really fucking good. Really fucking SAD, but really good.

If there’s anything I like most about a movie, I like it when the filmmakers are SMART. There’s three parts to this, told from three different points of view and I found them incredible in their own separate ways. The first, told from the mom’s point of view is tragic and eye watery and so so so so so sad. It’s also told in reverse and it’s SMART. Loved it.

The concept here is that the mom (Margo Martindale, above) has a mentally challenged son (Adam Scarimbolo, below). She needs some me time so she hires a part time caretaker (Hannah “Run, Forrest, Run!!!” Hall, two below) to look after him occasionally and give him dinner and make sure he brushes his teeth and all of that. In the first act, we watch (in reverse) the events leading up to why Mom is trying to kill Hall. Like I said, it’s tragic and sad and made me weepy but it was fucking SMART!

Part 2 is seen through Scarimbolo’s Jakob’s eyes. It’s also really tragic and sad and fucking brilliant in the way they depict how he sees things with his brain all messed up. I could probably watch this over and over again and give this a 5 all the way. It’s also extremely sad and it’s way too short dammit. Otherwise – fucking bravo!!

The third part ran a little too long and came with the only thing I had a problem with for this entire movie. I’m not going to go off and spoil it because this movie is really good and the people that made it deserve to make money off of rentals but I thought, well, I didn’t love, I mean, how do I say this. I didn’t agree that that’s the way it went. In no way is it HUH? WHAT? STUPID but I thought it could have been done different. It shouldn’t take away from anything and I would LOVE to hear anyone else’s thoughts but…

I would totally recommend this. Brilliant acting by all three leads. Has anyone else seen this?


  1. GaryLee828

    I saw this and thought it tried too hard to be slick and clever. Not the worst movie, but the ending was unclear to me and to a few others on the IMDB page and the director posts on the IMDB board and if anyone criticizes the film at all he gets all snappy. Big turn off. I won’t be watching any more of his films. They look like they were made on a camera phone, anyway.


      • GaryLee828

        It’s not a terrible film, or anything. It just could have been better executed in the scene you were referring to and provided a little more clarity at the end. He could have kept the ending, but just conveyed the outcome a tad better. This film isn’t the one that looks like it was filmed on a camera phone; it’s some of his earlier films. Regardless though, I don’t plan to his watch any of his future projects. He thinks he’s better than he really is.


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