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V/H/S  is an anthology featuring work by a couple of my favorite directors, so I have been waiting for this for quite awhile and now it’s finally out on demand and I have to say that I totally loved (most) of it!! We all know what an anthology is by now and, no offense to anyone involved, but this blows the horror comedy CHILLERAMA away. This consists of four independent segments and then one “wrap around” which is supposed to be the reason we are seeing the other four – which actually left me with a bunch of questions but, I think, there’s not much too deep to think about here other than a bunch of horror movie dudes got together and made a wicked as horror anthology.

Here’s the line up from the IMDB message board:

“Tape 56” Dir: Adam Wingard (A Horrible Way To Die)
A group of criminals invade a private home to retrieve a videotape for a mysterious client.

“Amateur Night” Dir: David Bruckner (The Signal)
Three college guys out for a night of drinking and carousing meet up with a group of girls, most of whom are disinterested in their juvenile antics with the exception of two the hot chick and the strange chick.

“Second Honeymoon” Dir: Ti West (The Inkeepers, The House of the Devil)
A couple’s romantic road trip gone very wrong.

“Tuesday The 17th” Dir: Glenn McQuaid (I Sell the Dead)
Classic cabin in the woods short featuring a virtual killer on the hunt for several college kids.

“The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger” Dir: Joe Swamberg
A girl feels a familiar sensation from her childhood while she is chatting with her boyfriend.

“10/31/98” Dir. Radio Silence
Four guys going to a Halloween party pick the wrong address, entering a home that’s strangely unoccupied and certainly not hosting a party.


I don’t think anyone wants me to go into great detail like I normally do about each one of these, except for maybe Chris who reads this when he takes his massive dumps, so I’ll just kind of touch on em a little bit. Oh yeah – the one thing I didn’t love about this? Everything is filmed in VERY first person shaky cam. Sometimes it even got a little nauseating but, overall, this was really good.

So the “wrap around thing”. This had a lot of stuff going on it that never had any explanation. Why is that dead guy sitting in front of all of those TVs? Just who is that walking around naked in the basement? Why does that dude have a moustache? You know – the important things need closure.

Amateur Night – This one starts off REALLY LOUD with a trio of horny dudes scream laughing and drinking as they head to a bar to pick up chicks and get laid. Back at the hotel room things get pretty awful – and bloody – and there’s a man’s junk on the floor – and things get even worse there in that stairway. I TOTALLY loved the “bad guy” in this one. I’m really glad that, back in my single days, I never picked up this girl and took her to some hotel room. YEESH.

Second Honeymoon – a lot of people I read dog Ti West’s work because he takes a long time to get to the point but that doesn’t bother me at all and I loved HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and THE INNKEEPERS. Don’t go hating on me. West takes his time with this one too as a newlywed couple get stalked in their sleep. I liked the big payoff with this one and – nice touch with that toothbrush : )

“Tuesday” –  I liked the homage to Friday the 13th and the special effects in this were fantastic. There was something about this one that I didn’t quite “get” though. This is no spoiler but – why can’t she film the killer? I don’t understand? Have you seen this – will you tell me? These peppers on these nachos are HOT! WHEW sweat…

“Emily” – believe it or not this one actually made me jump a couple of times and gave me the goosebumps O_o.  This one is told entirely through something like Skype and that girl there may or may not have some sort of evil thing cohabitating in her apartment. This one also has some pretty gross moments and unlike the others the end to this segment is kind of vague. Are you thinking the same thing that I am thinking is going on there?

“98” – This was definitely my favorite of all of them. I don’t know if it was because there were four or five different directors going under the name Radio Silence, but this one was pretty wicked, IMO. That’s one really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really haunted house. This one starts off a little slow too but then it turns it up and the end result was fantastic. I really did watch (most of it) twice.

There you go – I was going to save this for the weekend but I have to go to my shitty fantasy football draft which will take ALL FUCKING DAY on Sunday so I’ll be nice and busy tomorrow. Talk atcha next week!!


    • theipc

      bad reviews are sad-making. I liked it except for there’s a lottttttttt of talking and some serious shaky cam but I thought the concepts and executions were real good. It’s also reaaaaallllyyyy bloody : ) I hope you check it out!


  1. jpthorn

    My most anticipated release of 2012 so far – can’t wait. Honestly, I just skimmed your review cause I want to be fully surprised by each story.


      • jpthorn

        Unfortunately I have been unable to work on it lately. Thanks for asking. I am hopeful of having something done by beginning of ’13.


      • jpthorn

        I’ve now seen it. And reviewed it. I now read your entire review and I agree with you for the most part, with the exception of the moustache comment – I thought is was epic and most terrifying part of the film.


      • theipc

        You make a very good point about the stache! I might have to ditch the handlebar and go with one of those for this years Movember! This movie was excellent. Going to check yours now.


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