Isaacs Picture Conclusions


First off I have to (once again) thank CINEMA SCHMINEMA for this awesome recommendation!! When she first came around and started going on and on about things like  BLOOD CAR (here’s my BLOOD CAR) and BUTTCRACK, I thought – this chica is plumb loco! Maybe she is plumb loco but she’s also one of my best bloggy friends ever and I have to give her more props for selling me on striking some more gold with DANCE OF THE DEAD. This thing was bloody and squishy from start to finish and funny and endearing and had some of the best lines and situations I’ve seen and heard in a good while. I recently watched a different film from this director which I may or may not have published by the time I publish this one and it was – eh – ok, but this – this was awesome!! My only possible complaint is that my eyes have gotten so used to watching High Def and this was not presented in such so I had a difficult time making out some things. If you guys ever make a BLU RAY – I’ll buy it!

stupid spinach…

I am not lying to You when I tell You that the character in that picture there (Gwen, played by Carissa Capobianco) is one of my favorite characters in recent memory. She has some of the best lines in the entire movie,  she plays it just like I would ever want something I made played ——– and she turns into a zombie and makes out with another zombie!! WHAT!!! YES!! Zombie MAKE OUT!!!  LOVED IT!!! What else…? The cemetery guy!  “You knew about this???” “I’m just trying to keep my job….” HA! I guess I can’t say enough good things about this. I even  passed this over to Mary to watch and we usually don’t agree on things and she loved it too which is a big surprise since she’s such a weenie when it comes to squishy things. The director of this is a dude named Gregg Bishop and I am sure he’ll never read this in his entire life but if he does – dude, let’s do this again! Come on sequel! Oh, and put out a Blu-Ray for pete’s sake.

oh my god is that POOP????

It’s pretty hard to make an original zombie or “of the dead” movie because there’s only 10,023 of them so what are you gonna do? This time around the nuclear power plant has finally caused the dead to rise and — it’s Prom Night!!! All of the prom goers are going to be supper for the undead!! Who’s gonna save the day?? The Sci Fi club who couldn’t get dates, the lovely cheerleader whose date bailed because he ate bad spinach, the VEEP of the student council whose date just wanted to neck, the rock band and the local redneck who has a hilarious scene in the principal’s office, that’s who! OMG we can’t forget the coach who stocks up on explosives from Craig’s List, you know, for emergencies.

I think, if you’ve read these three paragraphs, you already know if you’re going to like this or not. This thing is gory as all git out, hilarious, sweet and full throttle from start to finish. I totally loved this and can’t even wait to see it again. Good job, Good People!!

Speaking of Mary, she finally let me take a picture of her in her birthday hat!


  1. Yay Mary in her birthday hat!! LOVE! And yay for liking this movie! Gee, that chick at Cinema Schminema really knows her stuff, huh? 😉 The guy at the beginning in the car with the redhead? He played Romeo to my Juliet. Just a little random knowledge for ya. So glad you liked this!!


  2. That chick is awesome. I don’t know why The AV Club hasn’t already given her a job. Geez. 😉 I am looking forward to my return too!! Show opens tomorrow (and we have yet to have the entire cast in one place at one time…but I’m not panicking…not at all…). See you soon! 🙂


  3. goregirl

    A highschool theme and zombies (I am not a huge fan of the vast majority of films that came out of the 90s & 2000s that focus on teens and 20-somethings). I’m not even sure why I bothered renting this at all! But it ended up being a pleasant surprise! I would not exactly say it was the most original premise I have ever stumbled upon but It was quite energetic and well-paced and it succeeds quite nicely as a horror-comedy….lots of gore and laughs.


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