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I have to admit something to you, My Friends. When I first saw this, when it came out, there was something in here that scared me. I don’t remember if it was the thing crawling around on the ceiling or the first time I had encountered the “slow pan backwards into the dark room with shadowy dark dead children ghosts” atmosphere but something really give me the creeps in this. If you caught my thoughts on the pitiful CLOSETS the other day, you might recall that recently I bought a DVD pack with six movies on it. The one that actually drew my attention to the packaging was the poster for DARKNESS. I saw that and was like “oooooooooooooo, I like that!”  I actually feel bad for DARKNESS that it’s included on something with the vile serpent that is CLOSETS but, I watched it again and it’s a really good movie, but I didn’t get scared the second time around.

Anna Paquin, Lena Olin,  Stephan Enquist and Ser Jorah Mormont Iain Glen (as Mark) head the cast as a family from The States who have moved to Spain (to Mark’s childhood home) because Mark is having some issues in his head.  The house is old and the house is creaky and the house is creepy and the electricity goes out all of the time and it always rains and – oh yeah, there’s an eclipse coming that only occurs every forty years. If you’re ever in the mood for a movie about an eclipse that only occurs every forty years and some occultists are planning a sacrifice, choose this one and not PENUMBRA. This is a TON better. I promise you.

So, yes. I can’t really go into the meat of this story without giving much away because there’s some really clever twists and turns and creepy shit in here. I think that if you liked THE ORPHANAGE you’ll like this and I’ll add that the atmosphere here is a lot darker, but THE ORPHANAGE is probably a “better” movie, IMO. Both are pretty solid though. Mary watched this and said she love, love, loved it but didn’t like the end. I thought the end was fitting and bleak – has anyone else seen this?


  1. Mary

    I love love love love love this movie!!! It scared me senseless!! I don’t know what I was expecting of the ending but it sure wasn’t that. But everything else about this movie was GREAT!! It makes me want to do a happy dance and then watch it again just to scare myself some more. It truly is a shame that this wonderful gem is grouped with that lump of coal, Closets…. that movie I absolutely HATE.


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