Isaacs Picture Conclusions


A couple of months ago HEAD IN A VICE sent me over a blogging award that asked me to answer a bunch of questions and then forward it out to a bunch of people asking my own questions. As it turned out, the people that I wanted to send it out to had already received the award two or three times in the same week so I declined to do that and warned threatened advised people that I still wanted to ask my own questions at some point.

Well I’ve been thinking about how to do that off and on since then and I think I’ve come up with the project to do just that, so here we go with ISAACS INTERVIEWS!! : ) My goal is to do 52 of these, one a week, and I will ask someone (bloggies, friends, etc) 20 questions and then post them here. 15 questions will be pretty standard and then five will be tailored and personal to the person I am talking to. Not “personal” like “tell me of your greatest heartbreak” but like – well you’ll see.

I should have one up before too long if this guy ever gets off his ass and replies to me : ) I don’t know how you look at these things but on my computing devices I use, at the top of the page, above the header there’s a list of pages. One is now called ISAACS INTERVIEWS and if you hover over it a drop down menu comes up. What I’ll do is post the questionnaire and responses and then add it to the drop down menu too, in case you go off to the jungle for a month or two and miss some.

While I am not presenting this to pad the stats, I would love it if you would either like or comment on this post or the “I I” page up top so I could know if you’re interested and not bother you. In fact, when I die, what I want put on my headstone is “HE NEVER WANTED TO BOTHER ANYONE” so if I could gauge whether or not you’re in, I would really appreciate it. If you don’t want to comment or like, you could send me an email to and let me know if you’re in or “leave me alone asshole”…

I think this sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOO fun and I hope you folks out there are excited too. I can’t wait to see how diverse and fun we all are so I hope I get a good response. I look forward to interacting with you!!



  1. You should be waaaaaaay more grateful I nominated you! You’re so lucky!

    Nice to see someone else is keeping you waiting and not replying, see it isnt just me! Ill put my name forward too (just prepare for the long delay lol) 🙂


      • Questionnaires are fun! Beware though; about a year and a half ago I was handed one which included the question “when was the last time you cried?”. My response was an as-yet unfinished noir style first-person-narrative detective story that currently sits around 20,000 words.
        The point is send away, but it may take me a while to get back to you…


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