Isaacs Picture Conclusions


It feels like every time I go out to look at this movie on IMDB or anywhere else I always see a lot of hate for it and I don’t understand why. Is it the disgusting, gag inducing part where they cut the guy’s legs off?? I know that was horrible in the worst way but this IS a horror movie after all. Or is it the fact that the concept sounds silly with a form of plant life has evolved over the years and feasts on humans? Or that the flowers learned how to mimic sounds? Or that Ben Stiller is one of the producers? I don’t know but I’ve seen this three times and I’ve liked it better each time. If you haven’t seen this, I advise not reading hate mail about it and checking this out. I’m sure my friend Tyson probably hates every second of it : )

I also liked the cast a LOT. Shawn Ashmore from FROZEN, Jena Malone from SUCKER PUNCH, Joe Anderson from THE CRAZIES,  Jonathan Tucker who just did a brilliant job playing a schizo on an episode of PERCEPTION and  Laura Ramsey who I haven’t seen in anything else but she was AWESOME in this. I loved the way they all played their characters very convincingly – I really felt they were scared or in pain or troubled and conflicted. I also thought everything looked really good and the effects were incredible and the two chicks were super hot and the dialogue was believable and I really did grimace when they were trying to load that guy on that stretcher… UGH!

things aren’t really going well for anyone at this point…

Do you know the story already? Four Americans, a German and a Greek are partying in Mexico when they decide to go visit German dude’s archaeologist brother at the sit of a very, very, very, very, very secret dig.  The second they get there, some very angry and loud Mexicans show up on horses, scream at them brandish pistolas and shoot the Greek. Terrified, they head up to the top of the temple and are stuck there with no chance of escape.  They are quarantined, see, because they’ve touched the plant life and these loud, angry Mexicanos don’t want it to spread.

oh fuck! we are so screwed!

That’s, like, the first thirty minutes and the rest of the hour is spent on or in the temple. Everything gets VERY bloody and icky and they saw off a guy’s legs and it really made me gag and, well, it’s pretty bleak.  I still contend that’s this is a very well made and acted movie and I can easily get over the fact that’s it’s vines feasting on humans. I mean, who cares? This movie’s fucking good. It’s not like THE HAPPENING where the trees are mad at us so they are making us kill ourselves and Marky Mark outruns the wind…. oh well – I liked it – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


  1. I read the book first and oddly enough, the same guy wrote the novel and the screenplay…which is weird when you see how stripped down the movie is. It’s not even a matter of normal book-to-movie translation, it’s almost just like bullet-points of the characters and plot. So I’d recommend reading the book is basically what I’m saying – but I did like the movie.


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