Isaacs Picture Conclusions


HMMM… HUH…. HMMM…. well…. HMMM… I can’t find ANYTHING to add to this post about this movie. I can’t even find images of the actors to put captions to. This doesn’t even seem to have a website. This also has no feedback at all on IMDB (as of 09/13/12) . No reviews, no comments, no nothing. There’s this, written by anonymous: “An ex-cop turned filmmaker follows Detective Bill Moore, a seasoned veteran of the Houston homicide department, who has teamed up with Samantha Scott, a young detective still learning the ropes. A unique series of murders is happening in Houston- a serial killer is leaving behind looping videos of the murders at every crime scene. The investigation takes a toll on the two detectives. Bill’s old demons are re-emerging and push him to the breaking point.” So, well, I guess I’ll have to get creative for this one.

Some loops:

“Antiparallel” DNA Loop in Gal Repressosome Visualized by Atomic Force Microscopy

So this is a pretty creative take on the old found footage, serial killer, reality TV thing. A guy is following around two or three cops filming everything who are trying to track down a serial killer who also films everything, so we get extreme shaky cam found footage from the POV of the serial killer and more steady shaky cam from the documentary crew. It looks like a few of these cast members have been in a few things but most of them appear to be people straight off the street – to give this more of a “reality TV” type of feel. With that being said – when you pull people off the street, you don’t always get Oscar caliber output. But, oh well, you know, who cares? Original? The found footage thing is old but this makes a decent use of the genre(s).  The acting and the dialogue were iffy, the female lead was cute but, sadly, there just wasn’t any OOOMPH…

a loop fingerprint pattern

What do I mean? Well, while the kills were all off screen,we are supposed to be seeing them through the helmet cam of the killer, it’s so shaky I couldn’t ever tell what the hell was going on? We also don’t spend much time on the victims so it kind of runs along as an R Rated (for language) CSI: Houston. To summarize: there’s a lot of video in this, LOTS of talking, a bunch of screaming, not so much of the red stuff, a dead boob, a twist at the end and an actor credited as Rp Boo Gay (raise my eyebrows and nod in your direction). In the end, not too bad but I don’t think repeated viewings are going to happen.


    • theipc

      AWESOME! I might have to start doing that more often. I do a lot of this typing up at work and it seems they’re blocking almost every website on the planet these days. I might have to just start using random educational pics for these things…. O_O


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