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The other day Mary came up to me and asked what was on my IPC agenda for the next few days and I told her about what I had and she frowned and said something like “No more Giallos….?? You’re abandoning your roots….” and I replied with something like “no no no no no I just don’t ave any handy” and she went “whatever dude, you’re leaving us all hanging” and left my office. I forgot to mention to her that the last few of these things I have gotten a hold of have not actually been Giallo – HOW TO KILL A JUDGE and NIGHT TRAIN  MURDERS so it’s not like I haven’t tried. But I will never give up and I know I have a bunch of them in the Netflix queue so I’ll just be patient and keep my fingers crossed that they show up soon.

So – Hey!! This movie was really good!!! It was a very noisy movie but it was really good! Someone is going around killing little kids in a town in Italy! Is it the dumb farmer?? Is it the local witch?? Is it super hot Barbara Bouchet who seduces young boys?? Is it the photographer?? Is it one of those cops?? Is it Tyson Carter?? Is it Tim the Film Guy?? Is it one of the guys mowing my lawn? Is it my barber Wayne?? Well – in true Giallo style, you’ll have to wait for the final super gory minute to find out, but it’s worth it IMO. Lots of different routes and red herrings and twists and the lady I am going to put a picture of below this paragraph and a dune buggy fill the bill here. This was pretty good but maybe not for everyone since it involves kids. I try not to let things bother me too much so… I think this is worth a shot if you like these things.

What’s up, Good Lookin’? It was not a bad thing to watch you sunbathe.

This starts off with a woman digging up some bones of a baby out of the dirt. We then meet the cadre of local kids who run the show and if you don’t pay them their mob money, you end up dead. J/K there but we do met a group of kids who run around together and smoke cigs and make fun of the local mentally challenged dude and peep through holes at the little shack where people go to ball. Next up one of these youths is at home and his mom tells him to take some juice upstairs to whatever her character’s name is because I wasn’t paying attention to that hello to the woman who is sunbathing in the nude. She offers this lucky boy this child the chance to sleep with her but his mom calls for him to go back downstairs and he doesn’t get to capture that opportunity engage in that illegal activity. Sometime after that, in the next scene, someone or something or Tyson is chasing a little kid through the woods!!!! Next up…. he’s been… murdered!!!!

You’ll burn in Hell, you sinner!!

The town is aghast and the parents are ruined and the local challenged farmer is fingered (don’t be a perv) and set up for crimes he didn’t commit!! BUT!!! While he’s in jail another kid turns up…. murdered!!!

Say Hello to Satan!!

So it can’t be him and the witch is fingered!! Perv!!! She claims to have committed the crimes but while she’s locked up (perv) another one is killed!! And another!! OH SHIT!!! What’s going on??? Oh my head!!! Those craaaaaaaazy Italians…. AY YAY YAY!! All kidding aside, this was pretty good and kind of “meaty” which I like in these things. But one thing I did notice is that the sound effects and the music are VERY LOUD and I had to turn down the volume quite a bit, but oh well. This was totally one of the good ones!

this has nothing to do with the movie but came up when I googled the title…

neither does this….


  1. catalinmesaru

    While not the my fav giallo (that honor goes to Lizard in a Woman’s skin), this is easily in my top 5 giallos of all time. It’s such a visually arresting movie, so bleak and so full of misery. Plus, it features the divine Florinda Bolkan.


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