Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Good and Most Beloved Readers, the main IPC-BOT might be a little busy this weekend so – here’s tomorrow’s post today! I also thought this might be worth putting out if you’re looking for something to rent for pizza and beer Friday – see you next week!!

When I saw that Michael Biehn was IN this I just kind of glanced over what it was about and blindly clicked rent. When it came on and I paid attention and I saw that it was WRITTEN and DIRECTED by Biehn and that this was a “grindhouse” style movie I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG – one of my favorite actors in one of my favorite genres. It kind of hurts my feelings that I didn’t like it as much as I hoped but it’s still pretty good, sometimes a little slow, but I loved the ending. And, of course, I love Biehn.  Just so you know, if you’re not in the mood for it, there’s a lot of The Sex in this, which I thought was surprising since most of it involves Beihn’s wife Jennifer Blanc-Beihn. Oh well – thoroughly enjoyable but it didn’t make me want to take off all of my clothes and run around in the streets waving my hands in the air, screaming in ecstasy. You know, like everyone does when they see something great. Right?                                                      Right?

As grindhoue-y goes, some hot strippers are doing coke and drinking and making out and The Sex with dirty cops when one of them turns up…. MURDERED!!! The other one runs off into the night forest screaming like a banshee and comes across quiet and solitary Biehn’s cabin in the woods. He reluctantly lets her in and  later they themselves engage in The Sex and soon the cops are knocking on his door and things go downhill for everyone from there. I mean, someone even gets a hot crowbar to the nuts! YIKES!! That’s a trip to Oh Shit City!! Then a lot more Shit Happens and we get to the end where something happens that I totally didn’t see coming – loved it! Good job also on those credits Biehn. Well done!

What else can my brain come up with about this beauty…….?

This is the second straight movie I’ve seen with Biehn in it where he’s spent time tied up in a chair and beaten up.

Danielle Harris is finally starting to not look like the little girl from Halloween 4 & 5.

Biehn went out and got himself a hot wife.

The soundtrack to this is pretty wicked.

I’d swear I’ve seen the dude that played Cooger (Denny Kirkwood) in something else but according to IMDB, this would be a lie.

I think that’s it – See Ya!


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