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This movie is kind of a puzzle to talk about. Parts of it are fucking great and some it are fucking stupid. I mean… the trees are mad at us so they are making us kill ourselves???? PUH-LEASE. Marky Mark outruns THE WIND??? Come on!!! Marky Mark is talking to A TREE???? What The Fuck? Then there’s the really good stuff… that opening scene in New York in Central Park and then those people jumping off the building??? FANTASTIC!! That deal with the policeman’s gun?? Wonderful!! The tiger’s den?? Amazing!! The lawnmower?? GREAT!!  Don’t go thinking I have anything against Marky Mark, because I don’t – I actually really like his stuff most of the time but I think that every scene with him in it is what ruined this for me. Please don’t come kick my ass Wahlberg. It’s not you it’s just those scenes aren’t, well, they don’t fit, to me. I think if we could have taken all of the death scenes and made a short film this would have been all aces, kid. All aces!

Alison Folland – Woman Reading on Bench with Hair Pin

So, yep – the plantlife is mad at us for all of the abuse we give the Earth so they band together and make us kill ourselves in gruesome ways. Top Hats off to the effects team!! The kills in this are pretty awesome. On the side, Marky Mark is married to Zooey Deschanel but they’re gonna bust up because he doesn’t give her enough protection. Lucky for them the event is Happening so they get back to their loving roots by the end of the movie. AWWWWW.

I really did like Z. D. before she became what she is now… : (

You know, that’s really about all there is to this. People commit mass suicides, John Leguizamo bothers me, Marky Mark talks about honeybees, some kids get shot, a guy runs himself over with a lawnmower… you know – the usual stuff.  With the exception of The Last Airbender, I will say that always enjoy how M. Knight makes his movies and sets up his shots and isn’t afraid of extreme close-ups and this didn’t disappoint but some of this was just dumb. Why did the guy go on and on about hot dogs? Why was that old woman so mean? Was that the guy from Clerks driving that Jeep?  I also appreciate the Shyamalan is trying to develop his own way of dialogue delivery, like Mamet has, but it just didn’t work for me in this one. The Village, yes, this one, no. I’ve now seen this three times and that’s enough. Peace out The Happening.


  1. Mary

    I LOVED this movie!!!! It stressed me out to no end and actually to the point of committing to recycling 🙂

    But Boxx I think you have it all wrong about the trees!!! The trees don’t have the emotion and premeditation of anger and ‘I’m gonna kill you’ but instead the movie presents it is a self-survival mechanism/response to a perceived threat (humans). That is why they opened up with the lecture about the scientific method, theories about the bees, and why the movie ended with more scientific theory about plant survival mechanisms. Okay with him talking to the tree that was a bit of a stretch but he was FREAKED out and on the run. BUT if you let go of the thought that the trees are ganging up on the humans and go with the flow this movie was intense! I thought this movie was GREAT GREAT GREAT!!


    • theipc

      Ha – “Boxx”!!! We don’t use that very much any more : )

      Love your comment and I’m happy that you liked this but I took it a different way : ( Subsequent viewings didn’t help either… I mean, if we go by the “Closets Standard” this is OMG EXCELLENT 10 STARS but if we go by reality…. meh…..

      Thanks Applejack!!


  2. goregirl

    I thought the first five minutes of this film were great…as a five minute short I would probably pass it. I’m going to have to agree with Tim here…the rest of the movie…just dreadful.


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