Isaacs Picture Conclusions


The first time I saw this movie was a Friday night and I was pretty loaded on this or that and I didn’t get the third act and I was like huuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh and then I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaat and I came away from this thinking that it was just OK and what’s with all of that preachy shit at the end, Boyle? Well, that was really five years ago and I just watched it again not loaded and I have to say that this is a really, really, really, really good movie. I also understand now that the thing in the end is not a demon and it makes more sense although it still was a little heavy on the whole god thing, but, everything else was just fantastic. I even watched it twice while I had the DVD around. Loved it! (Bring some tissues)

Is there anything Danny Boyle can’t do? I haven’t seen everything he’s made but the ones I have are all terrific, I’m looking at you 28 DAYS LATER. I think this movie is so very well done from all aspects: the special effects, the acting, the direction, the plot, the characters and their nationalities, the settings, the score, the props and costumes. I think they really went all in for this and it showed – this wasn’t some cheap piece of shit space movie – this was the real deal and had some intense moments that were actually kind of moving to me. Like when the captain died or when the greenhouse exploded… like I say, to each their own but I really liked this thing. A lot!

I’ve never been totally in love with Chris Evans until he became Captain America but I thought he was pretty awesome here. I thought he displayed some fine acting and didn’t just get his Johnny Storm on.  I like Cillian Murphy, no matter how feminine he is and I thought he did really well here too. I ♥ Rose Byrne but I thought she was very tame in her role in this – just kind of standing around looking pretty… like I do : ) The rest of the cast – blah blah blah – enough about that, right? I don’t know – I liked the whole thing.

Have you not seen this? The sun’s about to die so The Earth sends some scientists and astronauts to stick a giant bomb in the heart of it and reignite it.  Yeah there’s some shit in there about the sun being god and the fate of man and the sort but I can get over that. What really got me was the action and intensity of most of this and I’m not a guy who was on the debate squad ever so I’m not gonna argue with anyone over it – I liked it a lot, peace!


    • theipc

      LOL – just as long as you want to not be confused what the last third is about : ) Or maybe YOU wouldn’t be… I get a little “confused” and / or “tired” after some cocktails….


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