Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Well – this isn’t going to go down as one of my favorite movies I’ve ever borne witness to but it wasn’t too bad. I actually thought the first twenty minutes and the last ten were pretty good, but it sure was slow in between… I usually like to take notes on some of these – especially the giallo – but this one was pretty much uninteresting for most of the run time and this is all I have:

  • polio shot scars!
  • boobs
  • smoking in the movie theater
  • scooby doo sound effects??

Let’s go ahead and get that second bullet out of the way. Here is the well represented decolletage of  Femi Benussi who is billed as “Dizzy Blonde” on IMDB:

my eyes are up here, a-hole….

If we are able to somehow move past that, let’s get to the story here like we tend to do with these Giallo things. A man is having affairs on his wife and she hates it!! Another man has just killed a woman, stuffed her in an old VW Beetle, and fondled her dead boob!! Man #1 goes out to have a smoke and call his secret lover at the local payphone!! He witnesses Man #2 push the Beetle and the Dead Woman into the river!! Man #1 has an idea!! His mind is really cooking!!!  He approaches ghostly looking Man #2, steals his lighter like  a true gentleman and lights his smoke!! They go watch some figure skating and cook up the plan!! Man #2 will kill Man #1’s Lovely Wife in exchange for Man #1 not going to the fucking cops!! Then they go to the movies and smoke and seal the deal!!

fine, pimp, interior design on display here!!

Man #1 is so happy he goes home and has sex with his Lovely Wife and her giant boobs!! The next day he goes to a cocktail party and the Wife comes home!! She let’s in Man #2 who commits…… MURDER!!!! He doesn’t appear to desecrate her corpse, dumps her in the trunk of his Mercedes and goes back in to wipe the fingerprints off of his water glass… when he comes back out his car’s been stolen!!!! Dead body in the trunk and everything else!!! OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD I’M FEELING FLUSH I MUST HAVE THE VAPORS!!!!

I must kill! And keep on killing!! And do some non consensual sex on that poor virgin!!

After all of that excitement, the next forty minutes seem to be him driving down the highway following the two people that stole his car (Luca and Laura) who are also driving down the highway. That and Man #1 dealing with the cops and the foolish Head Investigator who spends a lot of time smiling like he’s – um – er – got a roll of nickels in his pocket for Man #1. Eventually the killer (Man #2) ends up tracking them down and things don’t go well for Luca and Laura and Dizzy Blond (who gives freely of her body to Luca) and then we tidy everything up in the last scene.

Hey Nik – google images found this for me as the number one pick for KMKA – on Records Make Great Pets!

Anyway, you could probably not work too hard to find something worse than this to watch but it’s not balls-out awesome. As a PSA – there’s The Sex in this and a fair amount of skin if you’re not into that, so you’ve been warned. If you’re scared of violence, there’s a stabbing and a choking and a raping and a head bashing. Well, there you go – there you have it – let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

As always – thank you eternally for reading my stuff out here!! YOU are awesome!!   We’ve got a great interview coming up tomorrow!! Stay tuned!!!


    • theipc

      I liked that write up! I also like how we both thought the same thing and basically said the same words! I think you might be me after all. I also like how that person commented and asked you what Netflix was. In 2009.


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