Isaacs Picture Conclusions


The cover to this movie is rather OCD upsetting so let’s go with this picture of a nun in a gas mask and mention the real cover later. Killer Nun…. you know this really isn’t a bad Nunsploitation movie… it’s just… kind of… not awesome…. This could have totally used some more Nunsploiting or some more blood or some more action or some more skin and less high pitched screaming and eye acting to me.  I will say that I did love the scene where the dude gets thrown out of the window (that music was greatness!!) and the thing with “the stockings” but other than that this really didn’t do much for me.

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg i need more morphine – sex me please….

Introducing Anita Ekberg as Sister Gertrude, a nun at a hospital who: has had brain surgery, is addicted to morphine, likes to sneak into town to have The Sex with strangers, can’t go near a scalpel, may be batshit insane, may have The Sex with her nicely bodied roommate Sister Mathieu (Paola Morra – go google her) and might or might not be going around committing MURDER!!! on the patients under her care. Did she bash that guy’s head in with a lamp and toss him out the window?? Did she stuff cotton in the cripple’s mouth and suffocate him??? Did she commit heinous crimes against god and man in her morphine stupor??? Was Sister Mathieu gonna give that guy a BJ??? (tease!!) Well – if you’re really curious you’ll have to sit through an hour and twenty six minutes (run time 1:27) to get that answer.

i’ll ride you like a jockey down the final stretch!! (that really is a line in the movie…)

Basically this is a pretty tame attempt at horror using a couple of actresses playing nuns in various stages of unclothed-ness. This was pretty boring with the exception of a couple of scenes and the copy I had switched from dubbed to subtitled a few times. I don’t have anything exceptional to report back to The Good and Most Beloved Reader unless you just want to see that chick above nekkid. Other than that, unless you’re a 70s completist, this could probably be a skipper.


  1. I was going to say my roommate and I almost watched this the other day in lieu of Catacombs but I think the killer nun movie we almost picked wasn’t from the 70s. So many killer nun movies, I swear. *sighs* I also love how that poster says “From the Secret Files of the Vatican!” Ha!


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