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Hi everyone – I really didn’t mean to post four times today (I feel the need to apologize) but I had to get something off of my chest that I have been meaning to do for over a week now and we have a big interview day coming out tomorrow and I don’t want to double post and steal that person’s moment in the worldwide spotlight, so here’s a feature you may or may not ever see again –

If you read these words I type, you know I am always looking for guest contributors (heck it doesn’t even have to really be about movies) and when I do receive something wonderful from someone’s time spent I can’t pay them in anything but my online love and appreciation, but the one thing I can offer up is a place on my staff page. You can see that up at the link on the top, or the side there. When I say that I love you for giveth-ing of your time for my little place here, that doesn’t mean that I’m in love with you – it means that I can’t possibly fucking thank you enough! I DO THANK YOU AND I APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO LOOKS AT MY PLACE AND COMMENTS AND LIKES AND SUCH.

With that said, when Mark from MARKED MOVIES cooly, badassedly and graciously gaveth of his time to do the ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK thing, I was so excited that it got a lot of exposure and I forgot to add him to the staff page. Well, he’s on there now and I HIGHLY suggest you check out his bio and that PICTURE (that HE SUBMITTED!!!)! Hilarious!

Anyway – thanks again Mark for all of that work and everything and if I’m ever in Scotland I’ll find you and we’ll go have 45 beers… each…

Big interview coming out tomorrow! Stay tuned!


    • theipc

      This interview tomorrow is going to be HUUUUUUUUUGE!! Off to eat and sleep and then reap the accolades of speaking with such an amazing person!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG : )


      • Tyson Carter

        Just posted it up! Would appreciate any comment you can leave, not that Im tying to pressure people into commenting, just he had to be persuaded to writing! Yeah doing a little link up where they will talk about my project, if you let them they want peoples lists to feature in the future 🙂


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