Isaacs Picture Conclusions


First – let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way so you can make your own judgements: JENNA JAMESON.

Second – I always put the movie poster of my choosing up front so they look all nice on the front page of the theme here. Sometimes, and I have no idea WHY??, but WP skips the movie poster and goes to the next or third picture and that drives my sense of order and OCD insane – does anyone know how to make sure the first image is the one selected?

Third – JENNA JAMESON shows her boobs in this.

not jameson, no boobs for you

Fourth – The picture above is not the poster for this movie because, frankly, I don’t want the poster for this movie on my front page because it’s so stupid. That’s just some random image that came up when i googled SAMHAIN.

Fifth – I’ll give it a couple of Props for having some good looking women in it (read: porn stars) who can’t act for shit and a killer soundtrack but that’s about it.

Sixth – I watched this when it first came out (read: Jenna Jameson) and I remember it sucked but I found it in the closet a few months back and watched it again to be sure and put out an honest write-up and it sucked again and two times is more than enough.

also not jameson, no boobs for you

Seventh – the acting really was as pitiful as a porn movie or so I’ve heard – WHAT?? Really – it’s that bad.

Eight – it’s actually pretty gory… if you’re looking for someone’s guts being yanked out of their butthole.

You know, that’s enough of that. This movie was awful even if it did have some good looking – erm – fake ladies in it. If you’re looking for some “J.J.” this is not the spot. This is the period where she had gone from super famous to trying to do something else and she’s not all that hot in here – or so I’m told –  before she wasted away to nothing but bones and – um, well – yeah. If you’re dying to see Richard Grieco sporting a woman’s haircut – this might be for you.

P.S. She’s only in this for about 4 total minutes.


    • theipc

      HA HA!! Well…. I knew it was going to be bad based on the first experience, but I want to be here to give you precise reports on this type of shit so you are fully prepared (and warned) before wasting your hard earned money. : ) To quote someone awesome: “I live to serve”. : )


    • theipc

      The wife and I used to watch old episodes of The Match Game – the 70s version – and like Nipsy Russell said – in his Nipsy Russell way – “TIMES ARE HARD!!!” I would hate for Good People like you to waste your money on bullshit like this : )


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