Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Well here we are with another news bulletin…

This will be a double post day – the first being this and the second a nostalgic trip back to the Drive – In.

My main point of putting this out this morning, before I’ve had my morning blast of Diet Coke while reading the sports page, is to let everyone know that: now that Misty (CINEMA SCHMINEMA) finally relented worked with me on the wicked awesome DUST UP write up, I’ve been able to add her to the IPC STAFF page – so be sure to check out her bio and pic and everyone else’s because that’s a fun page that I love the most. THANK YOU MISTY AND EVERYONE ELSE!!!

I never want to be a bother to anyone so if you’re ever in the mood to collaborate on something or do a guest review, just let me know. If you want to be clandestine, you can send me a private email to

Tomorrow is Thursday – which has become my favorite day of the week – and we have a badmotherfucker interview coming out tomorrow!!! Stay tuned!!

I’ll be back in a little bit – after I have woken up – with my report on a little something called METAMORPHOSIS….


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