Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Since KISS told us so, we all know that God Gave Rock and Roll To (us), so that’s that. I am here to announce that Mark (MARKED MOVIES) and I have teamed up again to give you something even better!! Be sure to check in on Monday and check out our A++ work on my favorite movie ever!!

I also just wanted to come around and say THANK YOU TO: YOU! This has been the busiest month ever for my place here and I know I shouldn’t be too concerned about hits and shit like that but every time I see one, that means that someone has at least looked at my work and that makes me really happy and proud of myself that someone has taken precious time out of their day to pay attention to me for five minutes. Even if it’s Chris LIL PEE PEE who’s sitting on the pot doing his reading, or someone who found me using Google with “Pictures of Isaacs butt” or “Balthazar Isaacs” or “master blaster thunderdome tits” or “paranormal activity demon panties” that means someone is reading and I can’t even believe it.

When I say I LOVE YOU READERS that doesn’t mean I’m in love with you but that I am unbelievably grateful and humbled for your time. I know I can’t do much in return (aside from read everything you write) but I made you a card that you can put on your jump drive and take to Kinko’s and have it blown up into a 60 inch poster on thick stock.



  1. Lemuel Severance

    what day is it? sorry my week is still all screwed up from Monday’s content gap…you see we like the repetition – we get into rhythms and cycles… without the regular reliable 1s and 0s we are lost – we become dependant on these things…perhaps the card makes up for this…I guess this is your penance – that and your wishings of well and love and all that hippy crap – well we think you’re alright – most of the time too – so there you go – I’m not gonna hug you or anything – but keep on keeping on – and let there be rock and don’t take any wooden nickels – bottoms up…


    • theipc

      Lem – you and I have been friends for a long time now. You KNOW there is nothing I hate more than change or Divergence from The Path. You will remember – “None But The Righteous Are Called To Live In The Principle”. That’s us. The Righteous. We fight the good fight and I am always here on The Wall. Always. Forever Vigilant is my motto (as you well know). I am always here, protecting you. When I fly out there for the filming of Barren Land, I need to see a poster of my THANK YOU card gracing the top of the saloon… withered and old and ratty… no hugs you fucking hippy rocker but – XOXOXOX –

      The Principle


  2. Lemuel Severance

    that sounds like a plan – we’ll build the printing costs into the budget! forever vigilant on friday night even – – you remain the star sentry – – but now…no more replies…people will talk …
    have a good one


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