Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Oh man…. well…. it’s been a little under six months since I have borne witness to something awful like this. And by “awful” I mean I can’t unsee what I saw in the last third of this movie. WRONG WRONG NO NO NO WRONG NO NO NO. I was putting up with the terrible, terrible, terrible “acting” and almost enjoying the amusing murdering of everyone this gang of bikers comes across, but then this went to places I can’t type on here because I get enough pervy search engine hits as it is. I typically like to check out the reviews on IMDB and, as we all know, there’s always the ‘GREATEST MOVIE EVER MOTHER FUCKERS!!! and then the “I HATE YOU GO SCREW YOURSELF YOU SONS OF BITCHES ANYONE THAT LIKES THIS IS STUPID AND PATHETIC!!!!!” and this has about 30 of both of those on here (as of today). The premise promised a 70s’ Grindhouse send-up like you’ve never seen, so I went into it open minded and hopeful and NO. NO. NO. If you feel like it you could check out what I am going to try and NOT write about it over on the MOST UNCLEAN page. If you want. I don’t blame you if you don’t.


  1. J. Kindleman

    Once again, thank you for suffering through this type of thing so I don’t have to. I checked out the details on the “MOST UNCLEAN” page and the mental imagery was bad enough.


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