Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Hey everyone!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my friend over at CINENEMA has just launched a new feature called 3 for 1!  I was a WILLING CATALIN I AM TELLING THE TRUTH!!!! participant [ 🙂 ] in the inaugural episode. This was good fun (and kind of challenging to boot). By all means, you should check it out HERE and sign yourself up to participate.  I am sure that I have set the bar very low for future candidates – so go scope out mine – if you don’t mind, and give this some good love. And by “good love”, I don’t mean make love to that post or your laptop (Chris LIL PEE PEE) (Catalin) but have fun with it and reciprocate. I hope everyone over in the east is safe!!!!

Always on the wall,



  1. Power went out about 15 minutes ago, otherwise still good! My roomie, the chef, just made duck and risotto on the gas grill inside. 😉 I’m deciding between reading or writing by candlelight or just going to bed…


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