Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Well HMMM. I want to say that I really liked this movie. I mean, the IMDB indicates this movie was made for 15 grand. WHAT?? That’s amazing!! I guess with 15K you can’t really pay anyone to do anything. I imagine that the very large cast of this were all free – further, I imagine that the very large cast were all part of the area’s local college’s theater classes and / or acting troupes. In NO WAY am I dogging the local colleges and theater groups acting troupes – I SALUTE YOU – I am just remembering that the acting was a little iffy, and there was a lot of acting from a lot of people and there was a lot of melodrama that I could have done without. There was also a LOT of blood and a LOT of gunfire and, something that’s always a turn off for me – some preachy crap. In the end, IMO, this is a decent movie made for beans that you probably won’t hate, but I doubt it will make some “best of” lists.

Well poop – I’m having troubles finding any sort of images for this out on the nets so, hmmm. A dude returns home to see his old lady (high school sweethearts awwwwwwwwwwwww) and then he gets killed. He goes to hell and comes back to exact revenge for his murder by blowing everyone to smithereens. Oh wait, nope. He goes to hell and comes back to find out who killed him. Well, no. He goes to hell and comes back to learn he’s the main suspect in his girlfriend’s-gone-missing case, tries to find out who killed him and has to blow a bunch of Hell’s Bounty Hunters to smithereens. There it is! Bravo Isaacs!

some of the cast….

There’s the plot. Did I mention this was incredibly bloody?? They must have used most of the 15 large on special effects. And the rest on props. And maybe some sandwiches. Except for maybe, kinda, well, pick my fingernail, that CGI demon thing at the end (sorry guys). I think you guys did great for what you had to work with but, well, look around, purse my lips, rub my neck, well, it wasn’t my favorite. You know, kind of like how I had to work really hard to gather up years worth of things we never kept track of at work and make this fucking useless pie chart for my bosses boss’ presentation and I worked really hard on that and then he comes back at the last minute and say he wants a bar graph. WTF! The bar graph doesn’t work in this situation because one end is going to be so high that you won’t even be able to see the rest of the bars and it will just look stupid which is why I went with the PIE GRAPH in the first place. UGH. In the end I had to “manipulate some data but it ended up looking like this:

We’re not here to talk about graphs? Right!! The Other Side – not too bad, coulda been better. Excellent example of what you can do with no moolah. I am sure that if I / we ever got my / our movie(s) written there will be no budget and we could use this as an example of how to do things right. Without being preachy.


  1. Now that we have digital video AND anyone (except me) can edit a movie right on their computer it would be a full-time job to go through all the low-budget horror movies that have been released on DVD since 2000 just to find the ones that are watchable! Fortunately I happened on this one and I agree that it is good for what it is.


  2. Hey, I reviewed this too! We have another He Said/She Said!! Yay!! I think I felt mostly the same way – I enjoyed it immensely (mostly because it was a local production) but yes, low budget and all. Those screenplays/movies that are going to get made could definitely use this for inspiration. 😉


  3. MArk

    Woah! Check out the cast list on imdb. Lots of stars before they were famous. Jaimie Alexander from Thor. Blair Redford from The Lying Game. Lucas Till from X-Men First Class.


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