Isaacs Picture Conclusions


(I was going to post a deliciously wicked GIALLO today but I spent some time making this poster and wanted to show it off – what do you think??)



Well – I think it’s safe to say that this one isn’t as fun as the LAST ONE – BUT – this is still better than what we were getting in the Mill Creek box (no offense Mill Creek box people). This time around a Latino fellow is a passenger on a TWA airplane! Back at home some old man is accosting a stunning looking red-headed woman! He’s doing it with her!!! The Latino man (sporting a nice Permanent) arrives home and catches them after the act!!! He kills his best friend!!! He dumps the body on the beach!! Coincidentally some other Latino man has killed his girlfriend at the same place on the beach!!! And dumped her body!!! OHMYGAWWWDDDDD how exciting!!!!

This good looking lady named Katherine Justice gets balled against her will by her husband’s business associate so her husband kills him and doesn’t tell her about it. But he won’t ball his own wife because he is so upset. Eventually his son (from his deceased ex-wife) comes home from college in Mexico so she gets drunk and stoned and balls the kid on the pool table. Well, you’re right. Technically she can’t ball the kid since she probably doesn’t have any nuts, so, I guess, she porks him, no, screws him right there on the pool table. This all sounds pretty exciting, right!!?? Well, around all of this porking and screwing, this is kind of boring and includes one of those parties you don’t see anymore where everyone is playing bongos and flutes and running around on the beach jumping over the camera with their nut hanging out of their speedo.

So, Alan balls Margo and Frank kills Alan. The inept cops find the body and the cop spends the entire time working out the case. Frank also accidentally kills a character played by Larry Lindville of M.A.S.H. fame and may or may not be having an affair with his widow. Margo does it with Steve, lucky bastard, who runs off crying to the cabin the next morning. SPOILERS: Margo chases him up there and they shoot some pop top beer cans with rifles and then do It again. The cops have finally figured out it was Frank who killed Alan because they found a shovel with Frank’s gardener’s initials on it, so the cops drive up to the cabin to arrest him. Just before, Frank had pulled up and caught the two in the act!! He got a handgun from his glove box!! He’s going to shoot those two fuckers!!! But the cops pull up and see he has a gun!! They shoot the bastard!!! End. Roll theme song.

On a side note – Lem and I have been thinking about turning this Drive In thing into its own showcase website solely focused on Drive In movies and the like, so this might be the last Drive – In post here. I imagine that I’ll note something here when we post something there but I would love it if you all would give it a look and give it a follow and all of that when it’s up and promoted. These old movies from our childhood are really some of the more fun things that  I watch, shitty or not. Here’s the prototype that will probably go through some changes over the course of the next few weeks, but I would love it if you checked it out:


(P.S. – if anyone wanted to contribute to this site or the new one, I’m always in and would be happy to display your fine work here or there)


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