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This white paper is part of a blogathon envisioned by ANDY WATCHES MOVIES and CINEMA SCHMINEMA who felt it would be fun to revisit some of the movies we loved as kids, through our adult eyes. This was good fun and it was the perfect opportunity for me to re-watch something I consider one of my favorite movies and something I’ve probably watched 800 times since I first saw this way back when. Not only is this hilarious, it’s gory, it’s filled with sarcasm and irony (without sarcasm my life would be nothing {I think that’s a quote from a Dilbert strip}), it’s got Tom Atkins (at his sarcastic best) and I was totally in with Jill Whitlow for, like, ever. I totally loved this then and I can honestly say I still loved it the other day when I sat down to check it out on Blu-Ray. YAY Blu-Ray treatment! Yay Night of the Creeps!!

I actually had the top poster above on my wall, growing up as a kid. I noticed, when looking for pictures for this post that there appears to be a knock off out there, with the quote wrong. Whatever…

This one is kind of fun too but I think I should start off by mentioning something. The first time I ever saw this on TV, I guess it was cut for run time and there were no aliens in it. Or wait – I think it was the other way around. I saw it on VHS with no aliens and then it came out on TV so they added some cut scenes to get a longer run time. Well – this Blu-Ray has all of the alien stuff so I am going to come out and tell the truth – I like the version without the aliens better because they are too – well – “comic” for me but, either way, this is an Isaacs Classic.

This beauty starts off in the 50s (in black and white) where (aliens aside) a couple are parked at, you know, Make Out Row, when they see a shooting star and it lands nearby. The dude goes to investigate and finds a canister in the crater.  As he looks down, something slithery jumps into his mouth! Back at the car, an axe wielding escapee from the insane asylum nearby is chopping up his date!! Aw snap!!

30 years later, these two chaps (above) are moping around college looking for chicks. Well, Rusty Griswold Chris (Jason Lively) is moping around because he can’t get a chick while his buddy J.C. (Steve Marshall) (who is, interestingly enough – handicapped) hangs out with him providing sarcastic comic relief. Eventually they run into Cynthia (Whitlow) a cute ‘n sexy brunette who captures Chris’ heart so the boys decide to be all cool and pledge a fraternity. Instead of having to do the elephant walk or make out with a goat, their pledge night hazing involves their stealing a cadaver from the university medical center, like we all had to do.

That night they ball up and sneak into the medical center and come across that gentleman up above. They push some buttons and twist some nobs and like magic, out he plops from his cryogenic chamber. After he thaws out a little, he starts to flop around and we realize it’s the dude from the opening and our two boys go off, “Screaming like banshees”. Next up we are introduced to Atkins’ Detective Cameron who is trying to commit suicide by letting the gas from his oven fill his house but his phone rings and he reluctantly answers it with the tag line of the movie, “Thrill me.”

I highly encourage everyone to watch this if you haven’t seen it or re-watch it if you have, because this is Atkins at his absolute best. At the crime scene, when he is asking about where the body from the cryogenics lab is, he says something like:

Cameron: I suppose Rip Van Winkle would be the other body; where is it?

Cop: The body isn’t here, sir.

Cameron: Whaddaya mean the body isn’t here?? What’d it do, have a date???

Cut to the body walking through the lawn towards the local sorority house. He shows up at the window (in the picture above), scares the shit out of poor Cynthia, his head explodes, worm looking things go everywhere and it’s ON! I don’t want to just sit here and replay the entire movie – so the thing is  – that alien thing from the canister enters your body through the mouth, lays eggs in your brain and then they “hatch” – as in your head explodes – is the thing. Soon the entire campus is infected and, well, this is ALL KINDS OF FUN and I totally loved seeing it again for the first time in a couple of years.

I’ll sign off with a handful of fun images I found out there and just highly urge you catch this out when you can!

And last, but not least, here’s the badge for the Nostalgiathon – courtesy of ANDY WATCHES MOVIES and CINEMA SCHMINEMA.


  1. We always repeat the line “Get out of the house… Get out of the house… Get out of the house, NNAAAAAOOOWWWWWWW!!” which, in the squeaky voice of Jason Lively, is the least-intimidating order ever.


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  4. I saw this at a midnight screening a couple of years ago and a guy in the audience yelled out “Heeeeey Rustyyyyyyyy” at Jason Lively. I would not have thought he was remembered more for being a Griswold than for this.


  5. How have I never seen this??? Please tell me it’s on Netflix streaming!! Thanks so much for participating (and you are SO gonna love Killer School Girls since it starts the same exact way, lol)!


    • theipc

      Well I sure am glad I did this so now you and Andy can experience it!! This movie is all kinds of awesome!! It’s gotta be one either NF or Amazon!!



    • SLITHER, which was a homage to the horror films of the late 1970s and 1980s, was also very fun. I can’t help but think of the other when I think of one. Should make for a nice double feature or something.


      • theipc

        You know – I am ashamed to admit I have never seen SLITHER. For some reason I have never cared for Michael Rooker and when I see him on the “bill” I just kind of pass it off. I suck – I know.


      • I tried, but you know how the economy is these days… Years.
        What’s wrong with Michael Rooker? I think you should give it a shot though. He plays the baddie, so it’s win win. Plus, it’s pure homage to the horror films of the 1970s and the 1980s. I actually laughed out loud at a few places.


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