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I fully realize that I have set the bar pretty low for future generations of people who talk about movies and I realize that there’s not much more that I can add to the conversation about UNFORGIVEN that hasn’t already been said but I am going to try anyway, for better or worse – most likely worse.  I am also going to add that the other night I made some bacon. Normally when I make bacon I put salt and pepper and onion salt on it but this time I put red pepper flakes and garlic salt on them and MY GOD these are hot.

Anyway – who hasn’t seen UNFORGIVEN?? I can easily say that this is one of the best Westerns I’ve ever seen, but I haven’t seen a ton of them. This is directed by and stars my main man, Clint Eastwood as a retired outlaw who gave up his life of crime and sinning when he met his soon to be wife. Once the most villainous mother fucker who terrorized the plains, now he’s old and retired and his wife died of The Pox and he’s trying to raise his two kids and breed some hogs.  And he’s not doing a very good job at it.

Elsewhere, in the town of Big Whisky, a drunk cowboy cuts up a decent hooker who’s just trying to make a living. Sherrif Little Bill (Gene Hackman) is called in for justice but he simply judges that the cowboy in question needs to give the whorehouse proprietor some horses and calls it good. “Even though they ride us like horses doesn’t mean we need to be treated like horses!!” Strawberry Alice (Frances Fisher) screams so they get together and pool their money and put a bounty on the cowboys’ fucking heads!

Before too long, a neighbor going by the name of The Schofield Kid (Jaimz Woolvet), contacts Eastwood’s Will Munny whose notoriety precedes him and asks him for assistance to go shoot those woman cutting mother fuckers. At first he says no, he doesn’t live that life anymore, but gets to thinking about it and realizes he could use that money, so he heads out after The Kid and picks up his long time partner in crime Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman). One thing that I forgot about or missed the first fifty times around is a quick conversation between Logan and Munny that went something like this:

Logan: Will do you ever head in to town?

Munny: Yeah, sure sometimes.

Logan: For women?

Munny: No, not for women. For seeds or to sell a hog.

Logan: What do you do, use your hand??

As always sometimes, I don’t want to just go over the whole movie for you, The Good and Most Beloved Readers, so I’ll try and wrap this up. If you haven’t seen this, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. The last thirty minutes of this are some of the greatest minutes in film history, in my opinion. I am the type of person who is very loyal and what Munny does after his friend is killed is simply brilliant and heart warming in the most machismo type of way. Easily an Isaacs Classic and mandatory viewing.


    • theipc

      THANKS Tyson!! Something about this just really resonates with me and I love it! Maybe it’s that I’ve basically grown up with Eastwood and I love his work.


  1. 1st western with some realism in it, not the typical glamorous version of the wild west. Damn, Eastwood was old then, and that was 20 years ago … I don’t know what vitamins he’s taking but I need some.


  2. Nice review. I’m glad you love this one. : ) It was fine… You know I’m, like, a girl & not into Westerns (well, I like Back to the Future III). ; ) Don’t worry – It wasn’t my favorite but I won’t trash this one whenever I finally get around to reviewing it. I think I just may be more of a spaghetti Western girl (I did like Once Upon A Time In The West more than Unforgiven)… I’m actually looking forward to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly the most but am waiting for it to be on TV or Netflix or something. : )

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