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I fully recognize and realize and understand that I am years behind good folks like GOREGIRL and WEDNESDAY’S CHILD when it comes to Italian horror movies – and I bow to their superiority, but I am doing my best to hone up on my studies and absorb like a sponge and write my reports as best I can. I don’t remember how many I’ve seen by now – but I think this is the best one yet. I still don’t know if it’s worth the industry coveted “five” mark because it was a little boring here and there but this one is the real deal. The music was FANTASTIC, the camera work was wicked and then, after all of the kills had been slightly tame this thing got bloody as allgitout and the last 20 or so minutes were fucking awesome!

I’ve always read nothing but high praise for Dario Argento and I’ve never disagreed or anything – I think I am just not familiar enough with  his work to add anything intelligent. The only thing I ever really knew about him was some movie or another where he wasn’t afraid to cast his super hot daughter in it and get her buck naked. *shrugs*. Well – she’s not in this one but there are some exposed bosoms and a (I think) phallic dream high heal in a mouth (READ: weenus) but there’s also  lot of blood and some gruesome axe work. Heads, backs, arms – nothing is safe here. I totally liked this and you can count me in on the side of the stadium where the fans sit.

This poor girl in the skirt isn’t safe either. After she spends about ten minutes getting chased around by a fence climbing pit bull (I think) she might just be able to make it. But – oh snap – she just ended up in the house of the serial killing maniac who’s targeting loose females!!! FUCK!!! I liked this character – the innocent daughter of the landlord of the apartment the writer is living in. Does she make it? She does not. Oh wait – I suppose people like me who haven’t seen this yet might be curious what this is about. An American writer (who wrote a book called Tenebre {or Tenebrae depending on your copy}) is doing some publicity work in Rome when loosely clothed women start getting….. MURDERED!!! in the same fashion as the crimes in his books.

I don’t want to spoil anything for someone who is going to get lucky and rent this – but the killer may or may not be who you think it is and there might even be more than one of em and John Saxon shows his face and there’s some hookers and wicked music that’s transitioning from the late 70s to the early 80s synth and incredible (I mean that sincerely) camera work and someone named Veronica Lario has some scenes with her boobs falling out all over the place and then – WOW – the last act is incredible. LOVED IT!

I was a kid in the 70s so these types of movies have a particular draw to them, for me. I know I write about these often and they usually don’t get a lot of attention because I think a lot of The Good and Joyous and Most Beloved Readers might be younger than I am and don’t remember this era with Fond Sentimentality, but this is one that should be watched. This and THE FIFTH CORD. We all know that end credits are usually pretty boring (usually) but I really liked how this one ended and it made me really happy. Imagine this final shot – and this woman screaming as the first minute or two of the credits roll. I liked it and it made me very happy. If you are ever considering sitting down to take a chance at some Italian horror from the 70s, start here.





  1. My copy of Tenebre is called “Unsane,” and I’m not even sure that’s a real word. I love this movie though. That scene where the girl is being chased by the dog is one of the most tense in Argento’s entire body of work.


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