Isaacs Picture Conclusions



It’s been a while since we did one of these…

So, the year is winding down and I have my interview slate full to end 2012. I’m the type of person who can get bored with things pretty easy and while i am NEVER bored with the answers you Good and Beloved People send back to me, I am ready for a new set of questions. The answers are ALWAYS fantastic but I am ready to ask people about something else besides their gag reflex.

I have asked one of my best bloggy friends to be the “beta” for our first set of Q & A’s of 2013. Once that gets put out, I’ll be looking for more volunteers to continue these fantastic and often hilarious slices of our lives. With new questions – that means if you’ve already participated once and lived to tell about it, now you can again!! Also – when I contact you I’ll be able to ask you which batch you want, or if you want both and I’ll have one to post some time later!! WE ALL WIN!!!

When I use the word volunteer – I mean that I don’t want to be a bother to anyone so I will have to rely on you to let me know if you want to participate. By liking this page or liking any of the other or upcoming pages, I am going to take that as an assumption that “you’re interested”. I don’t get a ton of likes out here at my place but I tend to get bunch on Interview day – so I am assuming those are “I’m Game” likes and I’ve tried to go in some sort of order of how the “I’m In-s” have been received. I would also LOVE a comment that says you’re in that takes out any guesswork but I understand we’re always on the run and using our “phones” so clicking one button is faster and easier than typing up a bunch of text while you’re ordering Cosmopolitans at the Night Club.

If you’re new around here, up at the top of the page, there’s a link for ~ISAACS INTERVIEWS 2012~ and if you hover over it, there’s a drop down list of all of the Test Subjects that came before. They’re all 100% AWESOME and you should totally check them out. So – I look forward with great anxiety to our 2013 questionnaires and can’t wait to hear from YOU.

You can always send me an email to and let me know too.

We’ve got a fucking hilarious one coming up this Thursday – and this one’s coming with pictures!




  1. So, I went to a party where they were serving turducken last night. I think I got duck and turkey, but not chicken. It was already cut up, which was a disappointment, because I imagined the visual of someone carving a big layered up bunch of bird, but oh well. It was good. The duck really took up the cajun seasoning well. I didn’t get any of the stuffing, but I guess that’s not important. So there you have it, folks.


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