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THX 1138 (1971) TWO TOP HATS

I don’t know if this thing is regarded as some sort of George Lucas classic Sci – Fi or something because I don’t really study things I watch or anything unless I really like it, so I don’t know if I am going to piss anyone off when I write about this BUT: this was so fucking boring I almost didn’t make it. I was busy being born in 1971 so I didn’t make it to the theaters for this or read anything about it, so I don’t know how this was received, but 41 years later this was a real chore to get through.

THX 1138B

I’ve never claimed to like Robert Duvall and that has nothing to do with the fact that he’s been in his 80s for the last three decades. I’ve never liked his acting or delivery style but, in my defense, I haven’t seen him in too much even though he’s been in almost every movie ever made, up to and including my wedding video. I’ve always found him very stiff and very mumbly and that’s definitely the case here. He plays a worker in an automated world of spiceless workers who do their jobs during the day and medicate themselves constantly to be free of emotion. And aberrant thoughts, I presume. And the desire for sex and all of that stuff that comes with Free Thought.

THX 1138D

One day, his old lady – “LUH” – decides to stop taking her meds and she gets all emotional on him and he doesn’t know what to do. So she replaces his pills with some sort of placebos and he falls in love and they have The Sex and they plan to escape from wherever it is they do all this work and go Live The Dream. But a young Donald Pleseance has different ideas and soon Duvall’s “THX” ends up in some sort of wall-less, white prison getting a Rodney King beat-on by some robot cops.

THX 1138C

Does anyone remember that whole Rodney King thing? Anyway – I don’t remember how this happened but, while he’s in jail, SUH shows up and they have a screw and it’s all tender and lovey but them the cops take her away and THX is very sad.

THX 1138E

But then Pleasance shows up and there’s a bunch of early 70s talking about reform and revolt and free speech and shit like that and they decide to find a way out of there. Blah blah blah something or other as they spend dozens of minutes walking around in a room that’s nothing but white until the come across a person of color who happens to be a hologram and he helps them find a way out.  I never refer to anyone as a “person of color” because to me a “person of color” is, quite simply, a “person”. The only reason I mention it here is I think that this person’s color had some sort of symbolism in the whole “endlessly white” room they were all trapped in. I fail to understand why this fellow is a hologram and how that hologram drove a car but he did and then got arrested when he ran it into some structure. Why is he driving a car? Well, after they get out of limbo-jail, they steal two cars and there’s an endurance testing car chase scene through some eternally long tunnel that’s broadcast in Mono and screechier than – well – screechier than fuck.


I remember seeing some of this a LONG time ago and seeing that George Lucas’ name was on it and – you know – Star Wars and all of that – so I got it from Netflix and it really took me about three tries to get through the whole thing. Maybe I am being a little harsh and I am dumb and just don’t get it, but I was really bored THROUGHOUT and wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, for reals. I never want anyone to come out here and yell at me like Tyson does but – am I missing something here?? I get that this came out and was some sort of take on the political issues of the time spelled out int the future and was gonna teach us all a lesson about fucking authority, but this was so lame. Did I miss something?


  1. At the time it was pretty revolutionary…today not so much. I’ve seen this twice and yes it’s tough to get through. But it’s depiction of the future pretty much came true as we’re all sedated workers at the mercy of computers.


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