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Sooooo – I really was going to do this whole Advent Calendar 12 Days of Christmas thing and offer up prizes every day like those calendars I used to get every year at Christmas. But I got behind on my list of of Killer Christmas movies and it’s probably going to be more like the Two Days of Christmas in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to get this out before the weekend in case you’re thinking of renting something, or just to start getting everyone into the Christmas spirit. So let’s break out the egg nog, spike it and get our SILENT NIGHT on!


I totally love the 1984 SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT (P.S. I am going to post my PG rated version of that movie after lunch here and the R Rated version on the other site). I love it! And while this is a “reboot” (I hate that term) this really has Jack Shit to do with the original except for the “crazy grandpa” scene and a very little bit at the very end. Now that it’s December, I am seeing a lot of Killer Christmas posts from the Most Beloved and Good People that I follow and I see there are a lot of passionate people when it comes to the BLACK CHRISTMAS remake and SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT – the original. Well – like I wrote, this really has nothing to do with the original and I really liked it – but this will probably only be appreciated by people like me who like the BLACK CHRISTMAS remake (and I don’t think there are a ton of us out there).


So YEAH – I like BLACK CHRISTMAS – a lot. I actually posted about it last Christmas and you can read my thoughts about it here if you feel like it. When I first posted that I had probably 2 followers so I don’t think anyone’s ever read it but I am going to post it again on Christmas anyway. I found SILENT NIGHT all kinds of awesome. It’s very bloody, it’s got good action, it’s got Jaime King (), there’s a sequence where a chick runs around half naked for a good minute, there’s an awesome wood chipper scene that’s as excellent as the one in TUCKER AND DALE, AND – friends – AND – I have never liked Malcolm McDowell in my entire life – but he’s pretty fucking funny in this thing.


In the original, a boy witness the rape and death of his parents by a guy in a Santa Claus outfit. He is then mentally fucked up and spends his life in an orphanage. Eventually he goes crazy and starts killing off people who have been “naughty”. In this one we open with a woman bound up and screaming and a guy wired up with Christmas lights in the basement. A man puts on his Santa outfit, complete with creepy mask, goes down to the basement and electrocutes the guy for having an affair with the lady upstairs. Naughty people!


He then goes after everyone else: a bitchy little girl, some porn folks, the pedophile priest, teens who like to do The Sex – you know – everyone, while King and McDowell try and track him down. I was sold on this from start to finish but I REALLY enjoyed the slo-mo sequence in the Mayor’s guest house. If anyone from the movie should ever read this – WELL DONE, AMIGOS!


I don’t think there’s much else to go into about a Santa Slasher – since we all know the basic plot, right? I think this stands out to me because of the blood effects, it looks excellent, I liked the music they chose and Jaime King rocks! I think I’ve seen a couple of the people I follow put something out about how much they hated this but I didn’t. I really liked it. I say – why not give it a shot? Personally, I can’t even wait to watch it again. Happy Holidays!!! I hope you’ve been nice all year!! You don’t want to get the flamethrower!!! Talk to you after a while with the ’84 version!



    • theipc

      : ) I thought this movie was all kinds of fun!! Since I liked it I am sure you’ll detest it : (

      Is that why you’ve never posted anything about Lovely Molly??? : (


      • I started watching Lovely Molly……..then I cancelled my Lovefilm streaming subscription and have never seen it all. I will one day 🙂

        I thought if anyone would have seen ‘Train’ that I posted up it would of been you. Despite us disagreeing 99% of the time we tend to watch a lot of the same stuff. Good times 🙂


      • theipc

        I have seen Train and – believe it or not – I agree with you 100%!!! It’s a Christmas miracle!! I was super busy yesterday afternoon and we are getting ready for our annual Christmas party today so I’ll get to all of my reading and commenting tomorrow : )


  1. Read this right after posting my review of it. One thing you mentioned, and I completely forgot to mention in my review, is the excellent music. We pretty much see eye-to-eye here as per usual with the exception of Malcolm McDowell. You’ll see what I mean if you read my review, lol.


    • theipc

      I did read yours! This was a whole lot of fun!! I have never taken to McDowell and I have no idea why I liked him in this. I think it was the whole “When you’re a hunter you can smell fear” over acting thing. Who knows… with or without him – this rocked!


  2. Awe. Some. I have to say, I don’t grok the Malcolm McDowall indifference here. I think he’s great at the mildly creepy authority figure he tends to play. Plus he was a badass in Blue Thunder. Catch you later 😉


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