Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Soooooooooooooo – I have read exactly two reviews of this movie; one friend hated it and the other thought it was pretty excellent, so I had to go check it out for myself. I found a couple of problems in here but overall, I think the entire package is pretty good. It was certainly bloody and I loved the camera work and sets. I could have done without some of the artsy fartsy dream imagery and found it not believable that the main girl, Pauline, is that – um – almost feral looking but after it was all over I remember it as pretty good but I leave you with this: it’s a bloody mother fucker so you might avoid if you’re not in to that.


Meet Pauline, awkward, messy, bushy eyebrowed Pauline, daughter to the worst mother in the history of motherhood (Traci Lords), the most passive father to ever be written (Roger Bart) and sister to the lung impaired Ariel Winter who you might recognize as the younger daughter Alex Dunphy from my second favorite TV show airing these days, Modern Family. Pauline says things in class like “Can you get an STD if you have sex with a dead person?” and has some pretty fucked up sexually psychotic dreams.


In the real world, she dreams of becoming a successful surgeon, one reason is: so she can save her little sister’s life. There’s nothing standing in her way because we can all grow up to be anything we want, right? Right! But her mother hates her and her dad has exactly NO BALLS so she’s pretty messed up. As we start this thing we are subjected to these bloody, bloody dreams of hers that I can 100% understand why someone or people would hate this attempt to be pretentious and arty. I didn’t mind the first three or four but, after a while I had gotten the picture and broke up with them —————– > by text.


So she has her sexual coming of age-ness and gets her first lay during her period gross imagery here: – in which she makes the dude go down on her – and then causes fights at school and some of her school mates paint weenies and the word cunt all over her house. In what I thought was the coolest part of the movie, she goes back to the school and gets her revenge – all in a very long slo-mo scene that totally worked for me. But then she gets expelled and things don’t go well with her family and we build up to the end that you will either find disturbing as allgitout. Or you might end up a little disappointed.


I saw the end sequence coming so I wasn’t as shocked as I could have been and, unlike Catalin, I actually liked the last few seconds. Overall, I think this was an excellently mad movie but there was way too much talking and bloody dreaming for me to love it, like TOTES. I am positive I’ll watch it again some day in the future and maybe I’ll come away with a better – or worse – impression but for now – hey, it’s good – shrugs. On a much, much, much, much lighter note, it’s snowing here where I live and Chee Chee says “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!”



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