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Sure we all know Misty from her tremendously popular and beloved blog at CINEMA SCHMINEMA, but did you know that she has a dark side??? Did you know that she was once a crime novelist living in San Francisco who had a fondness for…… ICE PICKS??!!!??!?!!! Did you know that she was once involved in a brutal mind game with the San Fran PD??!!!?? Well – once all of that was cleared up she turned to blogging and, despite being self diagnosed with the Alabama Death Plague, we recently sat down (her in a giant bubble) and talked about these hotter-than-Kardashian’s-baby questions!


Here we go!! A new set of questions for the new year and now, if you’re interested, you can pick from the 2012 set or the 2013 set or BOTH! I never want to bother anyone so just let me know if you want to participate!! Like this page or like THIS page or leave me a comment or send me an email to As always, if you’ve expressed interest and I haven’t gotten back to you, I would never ignore you, I am just slow and deliberate and try to do things one at a time and do them right the first time – I PROMISE I will get back to you. All my best – ei.




I have never, ever in my life drank frozen margaritas all day and then went to my old place of employment and showered it with raw eggs. Have you ever defaced a public place??

Define defaced exactly…Lol, I have never been big into defacing – I tend to stick to things like heisting elephants and precious jewels.  Every once in awhile I go for art. It’s super fun and helps me keep up my sneakiness skills.

I also have never, ever in my life spent a night in jail. Have you??

Yep.  Ooohhhh, don’t you wanna know what went down now??  I spent the first half of the night calling everyone I knew to tell them I was in jail (trust me, it’s the LAST place anyone expected me to end up – I usually keep my heisting a secret you know) and the rest of the night was spent listening to the arresting cop complain about the welfare system in America.  He was so boring I asked him if there was a cop manual or something laying around that I could read.  He said no.  At my court date, I found out from my lawyer that he had been having sex with prisoners.  VERY intriguing, eh? (ED: LOL – EXTREMELY!!)

Speaking of things I have never done, I have never in my life spent the day drinking Long Island Ice Teas and thought it would be a good idea to go streaking through a dumpy, old bar. Or a grocery store. Or a Long John Silvers. Or a movie theater. Have you???

Well, no to the Long Island Ice Teas.  And no to the streaking.  BUT I was known as “Naked Girl” in college.  I *might* have been a little bit of a wild child back then… 😉

I am deathly afraid of spiders. It has to do with a childhood encounter with a house full of tarantulas. Is there anything that gets you a zillion percent freaked out when you see one and why??

Clowns freak me out because I had a Raggedy Andy clown doll when I was about three and I dreamt it came to life and tried to kill me.  I am also not fond of ants.  I used to have…I guess they were more night terrors than nightmares and my bed would be crawling with ants and when I woke up I could still feel them everywhere.  Nasty little buggers.

One time a bunch of friends and I were up in the Ozark Mountains for a wedding. At this local store I bought a jar of “Hot n Spicy Pickled Quail Eggs”. They were probably the most disgusting thing I have ever tried to eat. Ever had any??

Ewwww…..Eric, why would you do that??  I haven’t had that variety but I have had deviled quail eggs and they were pretty kickawesome. (ED: Damn that beer!!)

You walk into someone’s office, cough and accidentally – but loudly – fart. Awkward!! What do you do??

This would never happen.  Things like that don’t happen to me.  I am a genteel Southern lady.  ;-p

I know I am a hot piece of ass and all, but I don’t get why everyone wants to stand so close to me at grocery stores and Barnes and Noble and such. Are you one of those close standers or do you respect people’s personal space and don’t invade their privacy???

If I don’t know you, I do NOT invade your personal space.  If I am friends with you however, prepare to be uber invaded.  I am one of those incredibly affectionate people who hug and kiss all their friends all the time and walk linking arms and holding hands.  Seriously, I can be annoying. 😉

Have you ever crammed yourself into the bottom of a boat or in the back of a moving van and smuggled yourself across some country’s border, effectively becoming an illegal alien????

Well, there was this one time in Mexico…there was a cartel…and a beach with some hookers…but if I told you anymore I’d have to make you disappear… (ED: Understood….)

Have you ever ignored a warning from a crazy old man who advised that you were going to die if you went down some road and then you ended up being butchered for dinner at the hands of some lunatic?????

Are you kidding?  I ALWAYS listen to warnings from crazy old men (and women for that matter).  Often times, it all ends up pretty conflicting which is part of the reason I’m always so busy (avoiding all those lunatics takes up a LOT of time) but so far I haven’t been butchered for dinner so really, it’s all working out pretty well.

Let’s say you’re at a warehouse party and, after the band’s second set, you step out to get some fresh air. Someone else is out there and he asks you if you’ve got a light and you turn around and it’s Jesus Christ. How do you react???

“J.C., we seriously gotta have a chat about this whole religion thing.  Oh hey, watcha smoking?  Opium?  Sa-weet!” And five hours later we have resolved the world’s problems.  That’s totes how it would go down.

A few years ago one of the local news stations here did a piece about the Curling Club I was in. I didn’t get any screen time but my shoes did. Have you ever been on the news??

More often than not, yes.  All that heisting and jail leads to some serious news time.  😉  Lol, I haven’t been on the news before.  Public access yes. 

If there was a celebrity that I had to go on record saying that I hated – it would be Dane Cook. Do you have anyone you just detest??? (I hope it’s not me)

Hmmm….as far as celebrity, there are people I’m not particularly fond of but I can’t think of anyone I just hate with a fiery passion.  I also don’t really detest people I know either.  I mean, there are people I don’t like but hate is a strong word to use.

That you know of, have you ever been probed by aliens????

Not that I know of but there have been SEVERAL instances of strange occurrences in my life so really I can’t completely rule it out…Oy…

Belly buttons. In or out????

In????  I don’t think I’ve actually ever met an outie so really I don’t know…

Are you old enough to remember when you COULDN’T buy things online?? That’s not the question here though. Sitting in my office now, I am looking at the very first thing I ever bought online – a Green Bay Packer football helmet coffee mug – bought with my first computer in 1995.  Do you remember the first thing you ever bought online???

I AM old enough to remember when you couldn’t buy things online and the prehistoric time before internet!  I do not however remember the first thing I ever bought online.  I didn’t really get into buying things online until the past couple of years anyway. 

And then….

I am looking to post this the first week of January, 2013. If I’m posting this, that means we made it through the whole Mayan apocalypse thing and we’re still among the living. WHEW! Now that we’ve survived certain death, how do you plan to fulfill your “new” life?

The same way I always do by keeping on refusing to not take opportunities, working to make my world (and by proxy others’ worlds) a better place and by working my ass off to get where I need to be.  I know, I’m ridiculously idealistic about things.  😉

A couple of days before I sent you these questions, you wrote on your site about a webisode thing you are making. What can we expect and when fortheloveofpete???

*giggles* I like your enthusiasm!  The first web series is something called “The Point” that the artistic director for the last theatre I worked in wrote – it’s actually a collaborative project with other writers dealing with post-apocalyptic scenarios.  There’s a nuclear plant that melts down and the series revolves around the survivors.  We’re supposed to start shooting the second week in January and I believe shooting goes through spring as it evolves over several seasons. 

The 2nd web series is the one I wrote and deals with life after the zombie apocalypse.  BUT it’s not Walking Dead, it’s more comedic and is meant to be a satire on the apathy of society.  It revolves around a girl named Tiffany (played by me) who lives with her mom and a ghost named Harold (who runs a psychic hotline even though he’s the only ghost EVER) and (as of now) Tiffany’s friends Jordan and Savannah.  Tiffany works at a place called Barney’s Boisterous Bonanza and everybody speaks in a shortened kind of language (sorta like when people speak in text you know – omg! Lol!).  There’s no schools and people just accept the zombies that are still around.  Hopefully, that will also start shooting in January, February at the latest.  There will be five episodes in the first season so I’m hoping to have it all shot, etc. and have found media outlets for it by April at the latest. (ED: WONDERFUL!!)

Speaking of Pete. If I do some free associating in my brain it goes something like this: Pete = Peter = Saint Peter = Saint Peter’s Basilica = Saint Peter = KNIFE! = Saint Peter = Chartres Cathedral.  I read once that the colors in the stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral can’t be duplicated by modern technology, which leads to all sorts of conspiracy theories. Thoughts???

Cathedrals are pretty…That is what I think.  Also they aren’t just theories…and that’s all I can say about that… (ED: Nod and wink….)

Speaking of cathedrals, if you were ever in one’s bowels – or labyrinth if you will – and accidentally freed a demon that had been imprisoned inside it for hundreds of years, what would you do???

I would totally go Buffy on that demon’s ass.  I’d gather the Scooby gang up, do some research, grab some weapons and save the world.  Alternately, I’d call up the Winchester boys.  😉

And lastly – I think you commented on one of my posts once, or wrote on your site, that you hail from the American South. The SEC (Southeastern Conference) (college football) (American football, Tyson) has been pretty dominant the last several years, especially Alabama. I tried watching the SEC Championship the other week and noticed that neither Alabama or Georgia tried the play commonly referred to as a “forward pass”. What are your thoughts on throwing a football to try and gain yardage?????

Um…I don’t really watch football.  I mean, I know the game basics because living in the South and not being a football fan is akin to blasphemy (seriously people plan their weddings around football schedules).  I don’t see why not to forward pass – gaining yardage can sometimes be crucial to a win, right? (ED: I don’t understand the SEC but they’ve been pretty successful NOT passing the ball. But. BUT!! Look what happened to Florida last night!!! Stupid Gators!!!)


  1. Great interview. It made me chuckle, shake my head and chuckle some more. Spiders! I used to be terrified of them, until I discovered that most gangster type criminals are terrified of them. There is nothing more satisfying than to pick up a relatively harmless huge grass spider right in front of them. Nonchalantly throwing it out a very narrow window, this is in a prison, and watching them turn green or pale and screaming (yes real screaming). Does all this sound cruel? Anyway it cured me of my fear of spiders. Just sayin’…


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