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(Note – I watched this last Friday, wrote about it on Saturday, edited it during the week. I normally wouldn’t make this note but this one’s – kind of – thematic and maybe merited it.)

This is one of those difficult things to write about, and this is where we all thank the gods of Innovation and Creativity and we applaud the creation of beer and hope that I can get some words out. CHUG. It’s a Saturday afternoon, I’ve got college basketball on next to me – GO SOONERS!!!! – a fire burning in the living room, Toots to my left and a coldie to my right – what’s NOT to love??? Well – I’ll tell you what, I LOVE that movie poster!!! But – well wait – maybe that’s how I should approach this thing. CHUG.

I LOVE that movie poster but don’t XOXOXOXO the name of the movie.

I LOVE that these folks tried to make an 80s slasher send-up, independently with no budget but I never could get into the timing (or pacing) of this (there were tons of dead air moments).

I TOTES loved the lead actress:


but I could never get into her situation as such a naive and mommy obeying character.

I liked this actor and the way he delivered


but I didn’t buy into him as a virginal fifteen year old (I think).

I liked the killer and his outfit


but I didn’t get the “why” of his M.O. or what the association between him and the store owner was…???

CHUG. I liked the cast – I really did –


but I didn’t think they all gelled together when they were on the same set…

I like the idea about making this look and feel like you’re watching a hosted horror show – think Elvira or that Billy Bob guy –


but, IMO – CHUG CHUG – the cuts to this lady seemed to come at poor times and interrupted any flow that might have been building…

So – was it good? Sure but, to me, awful clunky.  Could I – CHUG – make a beter movie?? Well, we’re trying, slowly but surely. CHUG. We’ve got the second and third acts written in story form and I finally figured out a solution to a big problem I was having – CHUG – so I can get on to the first act soon. If everything turns out the way it looks in my head, we could be on to something fun!!



Anyway – the game is over and OU won! GO SOONERS!!! CHUG!! PSSSST POP – CHUG. Now it’s on to some playoff FOOTball (Tyson!!!).

Oh yeah – movies. O_o

This was good, but coulda been better – CHUG – I think. I get the feeling this is exactly what they were trying to do and everyone had fun and I am happy they got this made and distributed but maybe things could have gond a little differently. I always wish – CHUG – everyone good fortunes and success and I hope everyone goes on to wealth and fortune but this wasn’t my favorite. I will tell you right now that I’m now a big fan of Leah Rudick and will keep an eye out for her future projects. CHUG CHUG CHUG.


  1. Either you’re talking really small CHUGS or you’ve got one really big keg. Hopefully the later.
    I love the name Kids get Dead, I mean why bother watching the movie when the title says it all? Just think if ‘Porky’s’ took that direction, Nerds get Fucked!


    • theipc

      LOL – awesome!

      My friend and I decided a long time ago that it only takes three drinks to finish a beer – the opening, the middle and the closing : )


  2. Dearest ei,
    You had me at Kids Go To The Woods…I actually love the title, although it sounds like the film is actually only so-so, which is a shame. I just watched The Terminator for my Cider and Cinema feature. I love drinking, it’s the best.
    Yours chuggingly,

    Liked by 1 person

    • theipc

      My dear fn,

      I think you’d appreciate this. It’s not great but it IS better than Camp Massacre. I hope you are having a great weekend!!! Let’s talk soon!


      My love,


      Liked by 1 person

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