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MAY… how do I go about this?? I LOVE this movie – has it really been TEN years since we first met, May? Time sure does fly. Why do I love this movie so much…?


Is it because – as I have lamented out here often – that I grew up all alone and I was a very lonely, depressed kid so I totally identify with the main character?? I am actually a very shy fucker and rarely initiate First Contact. I am also very protective of the people I care about and, while I would never think of butchering people to make my own friend, I understand what she did and it really makes me sad when May rips out her own eyeball to try and get her new friend to look at her.


Is it because my old roommate and I used to watch this all of the time and now he’s passed away and I miss him and this movie reminds me of him? Maybe – I miss you Rob.


Is it because it’s Angela Bettis and Lucky McKee – two people I adore?? Is it Anna Faris and her black hair acting all Lesbian-y before she started solely making movies where she plays a total dummy? Is it that heartbreaking scene in the – I don’t know – “Children’s Clinic” where the blind kids break the case of her doll and they are all crawling around on the broken glass while May wails in sadness?? I guess it could be any of those things but, whatever, I DIG this movie.


Are you familiar with this? (If not – you should change that – post haste – chop chop). May is born with a very lazy eye and her mom makes her wear an eye patch and cover the whole thing with her hair. She is ostracized as a kid and her only friend is a doll that she is not allowed to take out of the glass case.  Needless to say, as an adult she’s all kinds of shy and fucked up and one day falls in love with Dolphin Killer Jeremy Sisto and his long hair.


So she goes and gets a special contact lens to “make her look normal” : ( and, in her weird way, one day she meets Sisto for reals and they have a couple of dates and then she bites him while they try and kiss so he dumps her and breaks her heart : ( She finds some solace in Faris’ woman-love but one day she catches her with another girl and her heart is broken again. So she takes her only friend – the doll – to show off at the Children’s Clinic and they break it and her heart is finally desperately broken and it’s so sad.


Spoilers, I reckon – this is when the horror actually starts taking place as, now that her friends have abandoned her, she goes and butchers all of her acquaintances for their body parts because “if you can’t find a friend, make one.” And make one she does, but the finished product (a Frankenstein, if you will) can’t talk to her so she thinks he can’t see her so she rips out an eyeball and places it in the head. That scene fucking breaks my heart because I would rip out my fucking eyes and eat them before I let anything happen to anyone I loved, so I get the sacrifice she is making to be wanted and seen by someone.


I guess that should do it. Why four and not five for this movie I love so much? Because Lucky McKee can make good movies but why does he have to pilfer them with such shitty music??? UGH.


  1. Have you seen The Woman (im too lazy to search if you reviewed it) 🙂 Man I hated that film, and it put me off checking out his previous work. You have made this sound interesting though, but that could be because it means a lot to you, and the passion is a god thing. Sweet write up E 🙂


  2. GaryLee828

    Okay, I have not seen “May” yet, but it’s on my list of films to see; I think I will try to watch this weekend. And as far as “The Woman” you all are crazy – that was a great film!!! 🙂


  3. GaryLee828

    Okay, so I just watched “May” and I liked it a lot. It was on my list of films to watch and when I saw your entry just reminded me of it, so I bumped it up. I like this director b/c I also enjoyed “The Woman” a lot. I like them both b/c they’re written in a way where you don’t know what’s about to happen from scene-to-scene. They’re unpredictable, off-beat, emotional, and intriguing at the same time.

    One thing though from a newbie to your site, I think you should add “spoiler” alert to the reviews you write where you give so much away. Or maybe just hint at the details instead of giving them away. I am so glad now I didn’t read your review until AFTER I saw it b/c had I rad this in advance it would’ve defeated the point of even watching.

    But nonetheless, it was a good recommendation, and I will be checking out more of your entries.


    • theipc

      Hey there!! I’m glad you liked and THANKS for the feedback! I normally do mention *spoilers* when I am going to give something away – I wonder why I didn’t this time? I must have got going on something and forgotten…

      THANK YOU for the comment and feedback! Look forward to reading your stuff too : )


  4. GaryLee828

    Aw man, I just looked up the director’s filmography and noticed he directed “Red” which was a brilliant little film I recently watched on netflix starring Brian Cox (who was great), and Kyle Gallner (who i think is going to be a star). This guy really knows how to construct an intriguing plot, and develop characters. I see he directed an episode of Masters of Horror called “Sick Girl”. I am going to have watch that, and see how it is.


  5. GaryLee828

    Ok, so 30 minutes into “The Woods” and I am bored as heck! Everything seems so cliche. Cliche bully girl. Cliche mean teachers. Cliche homesick protagonist who makes friends with the girl who doesn’t fit in. Cliche nightmares that feel pointless and aimless. I think I’m done with this one. Not sure what Lucky was thinking in this one! I will give “Sick Girl” a watch sometime within the next few days, and let you know what I think. 🙂


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