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Well, Good and Most Beloved Readers, if you read my post about the FIRST ONE, you’ll recall that I have never seen any of the sequels, so I went into this pretty blind so, if you’re a big fan of this franchise, please don’t hate me if I don’t like them very much – I didn’t grow up with them like I did the HALLOWEENs or the FRIDAYs. I DO have to report that I liked this one more than the first one so – there’s that. This one was a TON more bloody, had some boobs and wasn’t so melodrama-y as it’s predecessor.  Since this was my first time to give it a go, I have to admit that the graphics and F/X from 1988 looked pretty shitty (aside from the practical blood effects which – were damn near gross) and could probably use a little remastering. Also – those two girls sure spent a LOT of time running down the halls of that labyrinth… Anyway, this wasn’t too bad and it has me on the hook (ha!! I suck) for number 3.


This one starts off with a look into how Pinhead became Pinhead and then we flashback through the first movie to set everything up. We then find the daughter Kristy (Ashley Laurence) waking up in the old Insane Asylum spouting stories about demons and boxes and all of that, which no one believes except for the occultist Doctor Channard (Pompei Magnus sorry, I loved ROME – geek! Kenneth Cranham) who has been searching for the doorway to Hell for, like, ever. His interest sparked, he tells the crime scene cop to confiscate that bloody, shitty mattress from the Cotton’s house and drop it off at his luxurious condo.


Having listened to Kristy’s stories of the macabre, he brings one of his batshit patients home one night and convinces him to sit on the nasty piece of bedding and slice himself to gory pieces. Naturally, like we’ve all experienced, this brings back to life the skinless zombie of Kristy’s mother in law Julia (Clare Higgins) – who has been to Hell and likes it, dubbing herself “The Queen of Pain”. Also naturally, she orders the good doctor to bring her more human bodies so she can continue to resurrect herself and they can live out their lives in carnal sodomy and pain.


In the meantime, of course, there’s a young girl in the room next to Kristy’s who looks like a female Brad Pitt who is mute and spends her days solving puzzles. One night, after Kristy witness what appears to be her father reaching skinlessly out to her from the bowels of hell for help:


she contracts Tiffany (Imogen Boorman) to open THE BOX (even though Kristy was pretty good at in the first movie) and here come the Cenobites again to issue out pain and suffering that will be “Legendary. Even in Hell.”  I should stop right here, right now and ashamedly point out that my friend and counterpart Catalin at CINENEMA brought it to my attention (by throwing rotten cabbage at me, calling me names and hissing like a serpent) that my terrible use of the words THE BOX is actually called “The Lament Configuration” and that I am a stupid, Phillistinic fool. Dar eu tot te iubesc  : ) Also – I did notice that we had a new “Female Cenobite” this time around:


I am Number 1

I am Number 2

I am Number 2

who appears to have had a trip to the salon. Anyway – here they come and Kristy and Tiffany go running around in the labyrinth – or Hell Proper maybe?? – and so do Julia and Pompei Magnus and we are introduced to the God of the Cenobites: Leviathan.


Soon Doctor Channard is turned into a gruesome creature and kills the other Cenobites (including Pinhead) and Julia’s skin keeps falling off. We see a lot more running through tunnels and Uncle Frank and his switchblade are back for a minute and someone pulls out someone’s beating heart – KATHUMP KATHUMP KATHUMP – and we finally get to the ending at 1:49 minutes. This was a lot more gory than the first one and had a bunch more skinless people – and skinless boobs. In my opinion this was good but dated and not great but I will end with mentioning that Julia sure looked a lot more becoming in this than the first one.







  1. And somehow you managed to eff-up my name. It’s “Catalin” not the abomination you wrote there.

    But, heck, I love you too man! NO GAY THO!

    Awesome review. I love this one very much as well. From the 3rd one, it all started to go down the shitter really fast.


  2. I saw the first Hellraiser last year for Halloween..goes to asking my boyfriend to contribute the intense horror section..haha! The first one was just weird…we tried to look for this one afterwards. I’m glad to know that it sounds better than the first one. We will probably continue our search in that case 😉
    Awesome review! 🙂


  3. I did not know The Box had a name. Clive Barker fanpersons are so obnoxiously pedantic! 😉 Anyway, if you didn’t love 1 and 2 (which I do, but we can still be friends) then I have some very bad news for you about #3: it STINKS! I mean like whoa.


  4. I agree with Wednesday’s Child, don’t watch 3 or 4. There are a few good ones after that but you don’t seem to like the best ones, don’t know if you’d like any of them. After a whole decade of slasher films, Clive Barker’s strange worlds and eff-ed up characters seemed like something brand new. Who would ever think up Demons like Pinhead and Butterball. Demons up til then were red with horns on their heads. But i’ll admit when I watched it a few years ago some of the fx looked rather cheesy.


  5. Nice review. Quite thorough. Personally, I kinda love and hate the whole Hellraiser series. All of them seem to be lacking in story/plot, but it is really hard to be that upset when they deliver such awesome gore. All of them, this film included, manage to make my skin crawl.

    I got the chance to review of couple others in the series on my blog. They are short reviews but cover most the series. Check it out if you get the chance.


    • theipc

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment! I’ll go check it out!

      So far I’ve watched four of em and nothing is too outstanding (to me)…


  6. Why do people always try to find doorways to get into hell? IT’S HELL!!!!! It’s not like a trip to the beach. You can’t just go and poke around for a bit then leave when you want to.


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