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I will NEVER EVER on this site or out in public claim to be a “student of film” or claim that I know anything about anything. ALL I know is I have watched TV and movies my whole life and now I talk (too much) about them. Whatever the basics and classics and masters and geniuses and wizards and forefathers and technical whatsits – I don’t know shit about any of that and, honestly, I don’t really care *poo poos big discussion with wave of hand*. I have a good memory, I pay attention to things and I watch movies that I hope entertain me. That’s it, I’m simple and I don’t like to sit around pondering meanings of things for hours and discussing them over coffee.

I also don’t really care about politics (every single thing I ever vote for – the exact opposite happens) or the economy or MTV horseshit or commas or what Snoop Dog ate for breakfast or even if Snoop’s Dog has one G or two GGs. Further I don’t really care about what other people are doing or who the new person in the office is or who banged who or for any of the Kardashians and whether that’s spelled right or not. I could also not give one flip about gays in the military or the NHL lockout or that Notre Dame guy’s idiotic story about his fake girlfriend.

All I know is that back when I was in college (back before the internet was so prevalent), I was going through a Dali phase and I heard that he had made a movie – and I tried to track it down but never could find it. The day I am writing this, I took the day off and laid in bed with the dogs, on a really stormy morning and turned on the TV to watch a movie in bed. For some reason, because I had watched the abysmal ANTICHRIST, this short film by Dali and Luis Bunuel was a suggestion for me on Netflix and I was all – oh SHIT!! Finally!!

As the opening credits rolled I flashbacked to Young Eric Time and remembered I was at a party once – some highbrow Political Science get together (and I might have been on a hit of acid) talking to someone that had seen this and he was trying to tell me how surrealistically genius and brilliant this was and going on and on forever about it and I think he wanted to rape me but here we are.

To this I say what the fuck??? and write these words to pass on to future generations of myself. The thing opens up with an eyeball slice and then gets all weird for 16 minutes and then it’s over. Sure, sure tons of symbolism and surrealism bullshit blah, blah, blah but for a guy who’s old like me, forget it. Noise, noise, noise, what, huh, who cares, enough. If you’re really into this thing (I can think of four or five Good and Most Beloved Readers who probably have thoughts on this), don’t hate me, it’s just not for me – and there were no melting clocks : ( just an eyeball slit, a dead donkey, some irritating music and a bunch of things that might have meant something back in the 20s but don’t mean anything – to me – now. It’s only 17 minutes long so it’s not going to ruin your entire day but *shrugs*, you can probably get everything you need out of that collection of pictures at the top.


    • theipc

      THANKS Chris!! Like The Pigeon Coop said – if you want to hobnob with some of the elite, you’ll need to “get it”. Maybe some LSD will help you understand the nature of the film…


  1. I think Un Chien Andalou is interesting if you’re into the history of film, shot juxtaposition, surrealism, all that kind of thing, but for someone wanting to watch an enjoyable movie, this is about as far away as you can get. Definitely one to be appreciated rather than enjoyed. It’s one of those films that film snobs love to quote as one of their favourite films and brag that they ‘get it’ and if you don’t like it then you ‘don’t get it’.


  2. While I can be one of those who tends to overemphasize the filmic values of a movie (my last article was partly about the role of “other” in Rambo 3), I find un chien andalou to be directorial masterbation at its most self-indulgent. It’s just silly. I am all for a good art film, but accessibility is an absolute necessity, at least for me. I loved your review. Hilarious, honest, and (in my opinion) so so right.


  3. Ha ha! I love this post. The eye slicing thing I kind of liked but I do agree with you. It’s an interesting short film but that’s about it.
    I shall commit further ‘sacrilege’: Jean Luc Goddard is a boring wanker of a misogynist.


    • theipc

      You have not but you have just made my day!!!!!! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! I really like them too – THANK YOU!!! I work hard trying to find just the right thing for out here : )


    • theipc

      Hey – have you ever landed on the image that’s the “old house”. In the previous theme that was much more cropped, it was just kind of the house with something glowing to the side. In the new theme, there’s an image to the left which was totally a surprise. Have you seen it??


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