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I normally don’t post newish things on Saturday because I don’t get a lot of visitors on the weekends but, I thought this could use some publicity (such as it is) and hope to try and find someone else who might have seen this to talk about it. I totally liked this a LOT but I think this is going to be seen in two ways:

  • A well filmed, good looking, well acted movie with a ton of unanswered questions that could be seen as plot holes


  • A well filmed, good looking, well acted movie that leaves out a lot of silly explaining-to-the-viewer-what’s-going-on-for-the-sake-of-explanation bullshit and this movie really rocks it and makes you think about it

SOUND4I’m in the latter and I totally want this film to succeed so I am not going to spoil it or even pilfer the internet to put up pics of it. I recommend that you watch this movie with an open mind and then let’s talk about it. I really liked this and I totally dug the last 15 minutes so much I watched them three times while I waited for the wife to get home from work. My suggestion is that you check out these three posters, see what I have tagged this with and decide if you want to give it a watch. You can also watch the first twelve minutes on their website which is detailed in the poster above and below this. I give this a bravo! Now someone go watch it so we can talk about it!

(P.S. – This is a slow and deliberate movie: not much action, no blood or guts, no Michael Bay shit)


    • theipc

      THANK YOU, KINDLY!!! I do love the new theme – especially the – what did they call it – the “intuitiveness” of the image display –


      • I might have time to watch it this week…no promises, but my schedule so far looks unusually clear – like I’m a little frightened by the lack of activity on my calendar. Is it streaming?? I hope I can find it on Amazon!


      • theipc

        As long as you can find THIS and EARTHLING and AMBER LAKE and NIGHT OF THE TENTACLES – you should be good : ) I am actually going to go sit down on the couch and watch some OLD Who! before bed : ) We don’t talk as often – I hope you have a good week!!


      • I think I did find Amber Lake, just haven’t watched it yet! I DID finally watch V/H/S last night though!! Yay!! Also yay for old Doctor Who!! I have been missing some Who lately. *sighs*

        I know- why do we never talk? You hate me right? 😉 *giggles* This month is moderately slower than last month so I should be around more. 🙂 Happy Sunday! Oh, I think that football game thing is going on today! Which means your probably watching – so enjoy!


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