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Hello!!! And welcome to another edition of ISAACS INTERVIEWS!! Today I proudly present interview session one with Tim who runs the brilliant site TIM’S FILM REVIEWS. I mean we all know Tim from his film and trailer reviews, but did you know that he was once the most powerful man in the universe?? Yep – mild mannered as a rule, but when the planet of Eternia was threatened by bone faced Skeletor, he’d raise that sword over his head and WIELD THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!!!!! Recently, we sat down at a local cafe to answer these hotter-than-Beyonce-lip-syncing questions and, thankfully, Tim was wearing more than a loincloth and codpiece. 


Man, these things are fun and, if you’re interested, you can pick from the 2012 set or the 2013 set or BOTH! On the left of this page, under the beautiful header picture, are links to past interviews, please check them out and fall in sweet love with past participants!! I never want to bother anyone so just let me know if you want to participate!! Like this page or like THIS page or leave me a comment or send me an email to As always, if you’ve expressed interest and I haven’t gotten back to you, I would never ignore you, I am just slow and deliberate and try to do things one at a time and do them right the first time – I PROMISE I will get back to you. All my best – ei.




I gag uncontrollably when I brush my teeth, do you?

Brush? Teeth? Sorry I am British so that just doesn’t make sense to me. (ED: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

If your best friend or loved one turned into a shit eating vampire, would you stake them in the heart?

The smallest inkling and bam stake to the heart, sparkling ones get a shotgun to the face for good measure. ‘Shit’ eating vampires? Nasty.

The Shining scared me so bad when I saw it as a kid that I can’t watch it again. Thoughts?

That saddens me for one, but also you’re a little princess who lives in a pink castle on wimpy lane. Prove me wrong and watch it again. Chicken! (ED: I swear I queued this up in Netflix….)

You’re at a bar drinking Brandy with Jesus Christ (whatever your religious affiliation is or is not). What do you ask him?

What killed the dinosaurs? Tell me dammit! No wait! The meaning of life? Will Man of Steel be good or bad? Argh! There are too many questions!

John Leguizamo. Yes or no?

I had to look him up. I have no strong feelings one way or the other. He was however in The Happening so no.

Worst movie you’ve ever seen? Note: Anything by Uwe Boll is off the table.

The Last Airbender (2010) There is no excuse for this film. This made me hate M. Night Shyamalan more, it ruined a great source material and I am pretty sure its racist!

I have a blog friend who claims she doesn’t eat olives, what do you think about that?

All I know is my gut says maybe.

Could you saw your own arm off with a pocket knife if you had to?

I’d do it slow and make everyone watch. Their fear and shock would sustain me.

If you could adopt an unorthodox pet (no cats or dogs, etc) what would you pick and what would you name him or her? I would pick a Giraffe and name him or her Sgt. Peppers.

A Rhino called Mr Tickles, so when he escapes the news would report ‘Man trampled to death by Mr Tickles’.

You have to have a clock on your desk (no phones or computers). Do you go digital or analog?

Digital because I am not a savage! (ED: The HUMANITY!!!)

What are your thoughts on the new trend of hat wearing?

Unless it is cold you shouldn’t wear a hat.

I am not a big fan of big, puffy vests because I don’t understand why you would only want your chest warm in the winter. Please provide your thoughts.

I actually have one. Not sure what they’re for, kind of makes me feel like I am bullet proof. Turns out I am not and bullets hurt.

You walk into someone’s office at work and it’s clear they have just farted, what do you do?

You know the scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, well I do that sound and action. (ED: A-W-E-S-O-M-E!)

Have you ever eaten a Turducken? If so, what did you think?

No but this Turducken intrigues me.

Texting or calling? What is your preferred method of communicating with another human?

Texting. I hate being on the phone with people, the maximum time I spend on a phone call is around 30 seconds. I’ll hang up if it goes over that. (ED: No kidding!)

~ and then ~

Tim, HONESTLY – have you ever been walking down the street of the village you live in and had a piano fall on you from a three story window????

Yes but I caught it and threw it back killing everyone. I don’t like stuff being thrown at me!

I see that you are getting ready to publish a memoir about the seven years you lived as a roadie, on the road with Van Halen called: “SE7EN: THE TRUE, SORDID STORY OF THE YEARS DAVID LEE ROTH SPENT SERIAL KILLING”. Do you have any juicy details for our readers???

Roadie? Van Halen? I don’t know what any of that is. (ED O_o)

Now that you’ve aged and become a professional, how do you feel about that ♥ ALANIS 4 EVA ♥ tattoo inked across your shoulder blades???

Ashamed and a little scared you know that without us ever meeting before. (ED: That’s what takes me so long to get these out – I do a VERY THOROUGH study of the subject before approaching him or her.)

I remember reading that you were an extra in the first THOR movie. How was it, working with ————————————————— Kat Dennings???

It was a STIFF working environment and it was very HARD work. (ED:………………….. ………………….excellent………………)

There’s a theory out there that, unlike what we read in the Bible, that civilizations knew that the great flood was coming beforehand. Some people went up to live in the mountains and made clothes out of bird skins and feathers. Others made underground civilizations and lived in the dark for a number of years. When the waters receded, the mountain folks “came down from the skies and were covered in feathers” making them winged angels. When the people underground came back to the surface they were pale and miserable and were “demons”. What do you think about this????

That is a fascinating theory. I love it when people mix mythology and reality like that it brings a great deal of thought to the table. Probably doesn’t make sense but its fun to think about. We all have the potential to be demons and angels depending on our choices.


  1. This was very thought-provoking. My favorite was Tim’s answer to the question about sawing his arm off with a pocket knife. I found that one particularly intriguing and exciting. I’m not sure why.


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