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I just want to come right out and say this: I had been very eagerly excited for this for a year or longer. Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and then I found out that this came out and NO ONE TOLD ME??????!!!!!???? so – coincidentally, I had to take off (the day of this writing exercise) for the plumber to come over and I gave this a rent and – I LOVE when people get their movies made and I LOVE that people are creative and I LOVE that this anthology was put out


goddamn was I disappointed. Maybe I had my hopes too high or maybe my expectations were too great or something or something but this was not what I wanted. Obviously there are 26 short films in here and a bunch of them are simply WHAT THE FUCK??? and some of ’em are just dumb and some of ’em are just super weird and I only really liked maybe two or three of them. Again – I appreciate this project a zillion percent, it’s just not what I wanted. : ( : ( : ( : (

I mean, the day I am writing this I watched this yesterday and nothing really stands out in my memory as AWESOME!! What does stand out?? There’s a Japanese piece about “who can masturbate and jizz the quickest to obscene images or else the guy gets killed”. Angela Bettis directs a spot about spiders. Ti West’s entry was – shrug. There’s a piece about a guy sitting on a surfboard that I didn’t get. Claymation, a piece about a dog and and a cat set to WWII tones, a Japanese take on how America sucks, Xavier Gens’ short is downright nasty, there’s a Sci Fi spot, tons of wieners (both erect and not), GALLONS and GALLONS of blood and it took me all day to sit through it.

Thinking about this today, I think my biggest disappointment was that it seemed everyone was taking themselves way too seriously – except for the guys who did the letter “Q” (which is Q IS FOR QUACK) (which stands out as my favorite of the bunch). There’s also one with a talking bird that was pretty fun, the letter D for DOGFIGHT was a pretty cool slo-mo thing that reminded me of a cool music video back when they still made cool music videos. What else? There’s a fetus in a toilet, a separate, cartoon about a turd that won’t flush, a Japanese fart fetish thing that, I think was supposed to be funny but it was just wrong and something I totally didn’t understand about some burned dude who has film in his scarred skin???

Anyway – there it is – and it is what it is. *SHRUGS* Sad face. There’s my thoughts if you’re wanting to take shot at this and if you do – beware the letter X – it’s gruesome. Like my friend RANCHIE likes to say – it’s gruesome as fuck.


  1. I’ve been looking forward to this also but most of what you didn’t like doesn’t dissuade me (seriously at this point it takes a lot to gross me out, etc.). But I am sad it was disappointing for you. 😦


  2. Nice review man. Sucks the film is a bit of a drag. I had only just become aware of the film because an Aussie director I really like Andrew Traucki has a film in the compilation. I will still check it out, but expectations are now a whole lot lower (which may be a good thing).


  3. I am about to watch this, and also waiting for a different anthology which is out soon with directors like Uwe Boll involved….. apparently it makes this one look tame. Fritzel basement anyone?

    Good job Eric, looking forward to comparing notes with you on this when I see it. How long did it take to add all the tags!!!?? 🙂


  4. I was going to rent this the other night but after watching the trailer I decided it could be a bunch a visual shorts that go nowhere. I rented The Bay instead. Looks like I made the right decision. (although, the claymation peice looked cool)


      • There was a series out of Japan that I had bought some years ago that was similar to what you described. It was just all over the place, stories didn’t make any sense, some were 10 minutes long, some were 30 seconds long – most of it was lost in translation. Can’t remember the name of the dvd right now.


  5. goregirl

    Well this is the fourth review I’ve read for this anthology and not a one has given it much love. Consider me warned…but I gotta see it anyway…


    • theipc

      I understand!! A Goregirl has to see it for herself to make a judgement!! I LOVE that this project was put out there and I wish everyone success – so hopefully you’ll like it!!


  6. razedsgn

    mate,timo tjahjanto,who directing a movie Libido arent japanese but indonesian. u should watch his movies. he is one of my favorite movie cineas.


  7. Just watched this today. Will review this week for the Halloween countdown thingo. Agree with you pretty much 100%. Q is for Quack was definitely my favourite of the bunch. Loved what they did with that. Think there were about 5 I really liked weighed down by about 10 that were absolutely terrible.


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