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Well – here it is – the first ever audio file from us. Late last year I threatened warned worried advised The Good and Most Beloved Reader that I had purchased a fancy, old timey looking microphone for an upcoming project and that I intended to use it for some dangerous life threatening poisonous good clean fun with Chris Scrotey and further that I would try and figure out how to post it out here. A few weeks ago, Scrotey and I had just one or two beers only during an OU Basketball game and then sat down to inaugurate the mic. With only one or two beers in my stomach I chose one of the best looking movies I have ever seen on Netflix streaming and we fired up THE LEGEND OF BLOODY JACK.

Someone who was NOT loaded didn’t hit the record button correctly, so the first half of the footage is missing but I can present to you the second half of the movie and all of the excitement we enjoyed and no one is getting more and more loaded as the night progresses. Not one bit. So, here it is – one of the worst movies I have ever seen – and our thoughts surrounding it. If anyone has ever thought about doing a podcast, we have set the bar SO LOW that anything you create will be a zillion times better.

Enjoy….. if you dare… by clicking the link below. (As a disclaimer, I don’t know anything at all about audio files or anything, I just know that that’s an MP3 and it works on my laptop) Also – NSF your coworkers, kids, parents, priests, the elderly, fellow bus riders, etc.

bloody jack



  1. I cant wait to listen to this dude, and one day would love to share my sexy English accent on one of these with you. As soon as I wake up tomorrow Im gonna check this out and Ill be back to share my thoughts. Sure it will be excellent, and Im hoping you sound like Cletus from The Simpsons, because thats how I imagine you talk πŸ™‚ #LOVE


    • theipc

      HAHAHAHAHAHA – I think I am a little bit more literate than that – I hope you like!! If nothing else, Scrotey sounds like Cletus!!!!!

      And yes – give it a listen and let’s think about a future installment: you, me, the wife, a sexy Englishman, my dog, my cats…


    • theipc

      You don’t know how happy it makes me that you picked up on that. Are you familiar with David Mamet’s work? He has a very particular way of extracting dialogue from his actors.

      Years ago my friend and I watched a movie called Homicide – directed by Mamet – which really showcases the dialogue delivery. After we watched that we went to a bar and started playing darts and somehow I got a splash of Rumplemintz in my eye and I was all “my eye… my fucking eye…” ala Homicide. We’ve been saying that ever since!

      THANK YOU for listening!!!


  2. Alright so I listened to this. I expected a movie review podcast, ie you discussing the movie, pointing out its flaws etc, you know, like a normal (boring) movie podcast. This was much better!! Loud, crazy, and just 2 drunk guys talking shit about a movie and forgetting the mic was on!! Fun times πŸ™‚ LOL


    • theipc

      AWESOME!!! Thanks of course for listening and thanks for the high praise!!

      Not only did we forget the mic was on, half of the time we forgot what movie we were watching – LOL!


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