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I’ve seen a lot of people posting about this movie over the last few months, mostly because everyone in the world loves Robert DeNiro and wanted a chance to catch him in something good and not MEET THE FOCKERS AT THE HOSPITAL CAFETERIA. It’s been almost unanimous, from those of you who I read, that everyone has been all “this was going good until the end” or “this film didn’t know how it wanted to end” or, like TYSON wrote “THIS MOVIE RUINED MY ENTIRE LIFE AND I’VE BEEN CRYING ALL DAY SO MY EYES HURT AND I’M SUNBURNED AND THERE’S NO ONE HERE TO FEED ME AND RUB MY FEET!!!!!!!!


Well – I watched this the other day and after I was done I went to get something to eat and I thought, “What’s wrong with those WANKERS?? The ending wasn’t that bad…” And then I was sitting in the drive through thinking about this movie in it’s entirety and it dawned on me that, if that’s how this movie ended, then it just made the rest of the movie not make any goddamn, fucking sense!!!


I mean – if that’s the case, why did Weaver’s spoon get all bent out of shape?? Why were they even doing what they were doing at fucking all?? If that’s the case, this renders the whole thing about the “red lights” pointless!! WTH??


SO – if that’s the end, you’re telling me that everything that happened before that was COINCIDENCE? Who are you, M. Night? Oh well, i would give this three THs for being creative with the concept and some sneaky thrills and hammy acting from everyone but we’ll drop back a point for the lame ending that seems to have been written or re-written on the back lot of the studio at the last minute by an intern over some red wine because it took everything from the first hour and puked on it.


Sigourney Weaver and Cillian “I swear I’m male” Murphy are psychologists who go around debunking stories of paranormal activity. Elsewhere, Joely Richardson and Bob DeNiro (a once prominent and powerful “psychic”) skulk around until he decides to come out of retirement and do a series of shows to pad his bank account. “This is the opportunity of a life time!!” squeals Murphy. “No he once shamed me,” replies Weaver, downcast, then dies.


A little later birds start crashing into windows and things start exploding and Murphy gets the shit beat out of him and then there’s the giant reveal and everyone is left disappointed and scratching their chin whiskers and brushing their teeth and gagging and screaming at spiders and buying dog food when you need cat food and having to call the plumber and frying onion rings and getting eyeglasses and, well, you get it. Once was enough for this and we’ll move along.



  1. I havent seen this yet (and will ignore your mean comments about me, cyberbully!!) 😉 so I skim read it as I have it waiting to watch and whilst I know you dont spoil things, I like to go in fresh. But Im glad you didnt hate it 🙂


    • theipc

      Hi Kim!! This movie was actually going pretty good all the way through. It was only after it was over and I was reflecting on it that I got let down. Maybe if you watch it and then don’t give it any more thought you won’t be disappointed.

      Like – maybe watch it and then go do something right away so your brain doesn’t try to dissect it : )

      THANKS for the compliment!!


    • theipc

      I can see that. I was actually kind of liking it for the most part. That scene when De Niro is giving his schtick and Murphy turns on that microphone thing – I thought that was pretty cool. But then – that doesn’t make any sense considering how it ended…. thanks for commenting my mutant friend!!


  2. I reviewed this myself sometime (if you will permit me TBH i thought it was okay, but my summary covers that actually, it just didn’t deliver on its promise. my interpretation was that deniro was psychic, but hadn’t met one, or as powerful as murphy’s. It did get messed up and that fight scene you pointed out was appalling! but i have never watched it since i reviewed it, does that say something?


  3. I won’t say that I hated this as for the most part it was rolling along nicely. The ending was absolutely ridiculous though and ruins everything that went before. Such a shame, as it could have been a lot tighter and better.


  4. Thank you. I would have watched it, what with all those actors in it. Robert deNiro is such a good actor, but he sure has been in some unworthy films, e.g Stone.
    I can’t bear films where there is no internal logic and this one you’ve reviewed sounds like a good example of that. It’s SO irritating.


  5. Oh that’s weird.

    See, I watched it a few months ago and thought it was decent. Haven’t really considered the ending. Is it bad then, I can’t remember? Think I might buy the blu-ray, it’s only a fiver.

    Very funny review, especially the final paragraph, cheers.


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