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(The ARCANUM feature is my attempt to present some of my older write-ups to newer Good and Most Beloved and Precious Readers)

THE CRAZIES remake is all kinds of awesome, IMO. I don’t know if it’s just Timothy Olyphant or Radha Mitchell or Joe Anderson as the deputy but I can watch this over and over and over. This is actually one of the very first things I ever posted on WP, so this one is kind of special to me. I present it here, remastered (and spell checked) in HD with some pictures that weren’t found on the original. I hope you enjoy!


Timothy Olyphant? Check.

Radha Mitchell? Check.

Dude with a cool handlebar mustache? Check.

Real gore effects not CGI? Check!!

I really liked this movie. I liked the dialog, the filming, the atmosphere, the use of prosthetics and buckets of blood (not CGI), the “Crazies” themselves were believable, the story was not stupid, the reasoning behind the transformations was plausible; all in all it really worked for me.

Small town Iowa gets it’s water source contaminated (it’s explained in one of the extras on the DVD / Blu-Ray) and the good folks start going prison shit house crazy, killing each other in all manners of madness. Olyphant and Mitchell are the local sheriff and wife trying to figure it out, and eventually trying to escape the town with their lives, their lives attempting to being snuffed out by the local parishioners or the well armed U.S. government.

I have never seen the original, so I don’t have a reference to the 70′s feature, but just like Zack Snyder’s remake of Dawn of the Dead, this thing has got to be a definite improvement. They set it up for a sequel, which, if done right (like 28 Weeks Later didn’t stink up 28 Days Later) could be pretty good (unlike the pitiful Day of the Dead follow up to Snyder’s Dawn…)

i couldn’t help it….

There’s just something about Olyphant’s delivery that I really like. In one scene, when it’s getting ready to get after it, Olyphant and the deputy are trying to call out to another town to check if they are having the same problems, when they discover the phone is dead and the internet isn’t working, Olyphant delivers this line which really got me into the next half:

Sheriff: You know what?

Deputy: What?

Sheriff: We’re in trouble.


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