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I have gone out in public and stated that I don’t care for Ethan Hawke – I never have and I think it’s because I think of him as some sort of pompous asshole – even though I’ve never met him or read anything about him. Some people you just don’t take to. So – a month or so ago, my friend and co-worker Jeffrey Tiberius Pilar Roast Beef Angelou Smithson Buckner Pennybottom Johnson was in my office and asked me if I was going to go see SINISTER for my site here. I explained to him that “FUCK NO” I wasn’t because I hate Ethan Hawke and that the movie could go burn in hell, for all I cared. He was all “I see. You seem very passionate about this.” and I was all “I’d like to submission wrestle that mother fucker to hell and back!!” and he replied with something like “I see. But you liked GATTACA, right?” and I volleyed with “HELL NO!!! GET OUT OF MY OFFICE BEFORE I PULL YOUR UNDERWEAR UP OVER YOUR SHAVED HEAD AND CARRY YOU OUT OF HERE BABY TANTRUM STYLE!!!!” and he was, like, “I see.”


Most of that conversation didn’t really go like that but somehow he convinced me to give it a watch. I know there was supposed to be some sort of return-the-favor-tit-for-tat but it’s been so long since we talked about that, that I can’t remember what he owes me, but here we are and I have to say that GATTACA was pretty good. (Now that I think about it, I think the return for me was that Jeffrey had to rent a light blue tux, a top hat, a cane and dance around the office doing some soft-shoe to the tune of “Tea For Two” – but he doesn’t seem to remember that). Anyway, this thing wasn’t too bad and it had Uma Thurman in it, which is never a bad thing, and when I told him I’d finally seen it, he asked me if I cried at the end and when I told him no he called me a “cold hearted fucking bastard” on our corporate Instant Messaging system and got fired for abusing the Code of Business Conduct, so this wasn’t a really good exercise for him.


That last part didn’t really happen either because he would probably never say anything like that because he’s a really nice guy, but he did ask me if I cried during this scene toward the end and I said “No – but I was really surprised with what happened to Jude Law’s character,” and he said “yep” and I’ve never heard from him again.


Well – that’s not actually that true either since I see him up at work almost every day, stealing my Diet Cokes and “borrowing” my boxes of Ramen Noodles. I see now, that for this movie review of GATTACA, I have basically written nothing about it – but I also suppose that everyone in the world has seen this but me. If you HAVEN’T: it’s the future and society is divided by strict class systems – determined at birth. Hawke plays a fellow who dreams of flying around the cosmos in spaceships but he’s only good enough to be a janitor. He manages to switch “positions” with Jude Law and they pull the old switcharoo for a number of months until he’s finally approved to go up in space. But someone’s been MURDERED!! and Hawke might be the killer!!! Did he do it??? Is he a cold blooded killer?? If you’ve seen it you already know!! WHAT??? If you haven’t – you should give it a shot and here’s another picture of Uma Thurman because she’s a hot act!


On a lighter note – last night I decided that it would benefit everyone me to make a list of my favorite movies. So I made a new page that you can click on, over on the left of this (in a web browser), under the beautiful header picture called ISAACS FAVORITES, if you wanted to. It’s not a complete list, but a handful of things I love that I thought of before dinner. Or you could just click that handy link I just made, if you felt so inclined. Today should be a momentous day for my blog when we think of milestones and all of that so I want to gush out and say, once again,


Tomorrow we have another FANTASTIC interview to publish – so – be sure to come back and visit tomorrow!!


  1. I love this movie! I saw it in theaters when it came out (I was young, heh…those were the days…) and I re-watched it a few years after and it’s still very solid. Great performances and such a lovely visual style.


  2. Jeffrey Tiberius

    FINALLY! This movie was too good for you to miss. I mean, come on, I hate Julia Roberts, but I saw Pretty Woman. The scene in Gattaca that moved me the most though was the brothers in the ocean…. Snot rockets ensued.
    I LOL’d many times. LOL – LOL


  3. Wordschat

    I really liked Gattaca for its originality and hated Sinister for its lack of. Heck Hawkes character doesn’t own more than Mr Rodger’s cardigans? Loved Gattaca for how his cover is blown. Never forgot it. Why? See my icon. Hawker is uneven in picking good roles not uneven as a actor and better looking as he ages.


  4. I’ve always thought this movie is way underrated. By the way, Jeffrey Tiberius Pilar Roast Beef Angelou Smithson Buckner Pennybottom Johnson is my brother. Expect a vicious phone call from Irving Spiderman this afternoon.


  5. I know we recently discussed our mutual dislike of Ethan Hawke but it’s true, this movie was really good. And it’s one of the few movies where Xander Berkeley doesn’t play a complete asshole. But I think you’re making up Jeffrey’s full name. No way is one of his middle names “Angelou.”


  6. Why don’t you like Ethan Hawke? Have you seen Before the Devil knows your Dead? He was pretty good in that. Great right up and I’m glad you liked it. I saw this a long time ago but remembered it being pretty darn cool.


    • theipc

      I really don’t know why other than he seems like a douche. Hey – I have seen Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – that was pretty good too – nice one!


  7. I don’t like Ethan Hawke either, not sure why.
    But this movie sounds interesting and it does have the glorious Uma Thurman.
    Hey, I think wordpress has changed something: I can’t see likes or like buttons on my phone anymore, so don’t think I have deserted if you can’t see my beady eye. I’m in an internet cafe at the moment.


  8. GaryLee828

    I actually haven’t seen this film – and a lot has to do with I also don’t care for Ethan Hawke. I’ve just always thought he was dull. I also am not usually into much sci-fi, either. But I do think you should see “Sinister” not b/c Ethan Hawke is so great in it, but b/c Director Scott Derrickson creates such a truly creepy environment; the ending was a bit underwhelming, but the film is worth a watch nonetheless. As a matter of fact it made me so uneasy that I haven’t watched it again or even thought about buying the DVD. I feel like I don’t watch the movie in my house. It’s truly unnerving. In case you’re unfamiliar with Derrickson, he directed “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.


  9. Nig Bigger

    wait a second, did the message get flagged automatically?I’m reffering to Code of Business Conduct thing.
    I have the same thing at work and it doesn’t flag automatically unless one the users is a fucking prick and rats the other out.
    I hope you didn’t do that..


    • theipc

      Well – no that didn’t really happen but I did learn the hard way that you can’t be sitting on a conference call, getting yelled at by some dickhead VP and you ask your co-worker “where the fuck is our boss??”.

      Yes – it got flagged automatically.

      And, technically, THAT is why I started this site – so me and my coworker could talk shit about shit movies and not get flagged on our corporate IM….


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