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Hi everyone! If you’re not familiar with where I live – yesterday we were forecast to get the worst blizzard this state (U.S.) has seen in over a century! So we all hunkered down and bunkered up and listened to the weathermen calling the storm “deadly” and “brutal” talking about Thundersnow and Thundersleet and it was really touch and go for a while…

…. while it rained a little.

What a joke.

What’s not a joke is my friend Austin’s blog – THE BISHOP REVIEW – who is currently running a feature called Action Week in which a variety of writers will discuss certain action movies over at his place.

I was fortunate to get in on the action so – if you felt like seeing my thoughts on The Rundown (starring The Rock) PLEASE read on!!

THANKS Austin for letting me contribute!!

The Bishop Review


TheIPC , or Isaacs Picture Conclusions, is a website dedicated to bringing honest, and funny reviews to all the readers in the world! Or just the people that read TheIPC. If you don’t believe me, read the Taken 2 review and check this one out as well. The reviews don’t look like your normal, cookie-cutter reviews (aka mine) and I think that’s what seriously makes them so great. I’ll shut up now and let you read TheIPC’s review of The Rundown!

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