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*Today we have a special edition of Isaacs Interviews: because events like this don’t happen very often and I don’t want to disrupt our regularly scheduled programs with you Beautiful People who have submitted your responses, published religiously each Thursday.

A. J. Bowen is one of the actors (among others) of one of my favorite horrors THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. I know a lot of people rip it for being “too slow” and I say to them “What the fuck? It’s a wicked slow burn!” I first found out about A. J. in the brilliant movie THE SIGNAL – which I am not sure a lot of people have seen – then A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE and RITES OF SPRING. It was on Tyson’s review of RITES OF SPRING (click that for his review and check the comments) that A. J. came around on his personal blog and thanked us for talking so kindly about his work. Since he is one of my horror faves, I followed his blog and recently asked him if he wouldn’t mind answering a set of my questions, because he seems to have a good sense of humor and would probably respect “the little guy”. Being the man that he is, he agreed and was a great sport and I present to you his answers to my questions!

If you’re not familiar with his work, like I am, here’s his IMDB profile pic and let’s get on with this!



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Below the asterisks,  are his answers, unedited and honest.


So, as you can see in the comments of my last post, I received a request for an interview. I try not to do those as much any more, because I have come to feel that, for what I do, which is pretend to be other people, doing them can get in the way of that. The last thing I want is to be a personality. I figure, the less you know about me, or how I feel about things, the better. But then I read this, and, well, you can see. So, here goes, friend. Thanks for the incredibly thoughtful questions. ;)


theipc ⋅ 
FEBRUARY 12, 2013 AT 6:47 PM ⋅ EDIT

Holy crap!!! Um – I am messing with this quickly while I have your attention! UM – I think you do WICKED work and you’re one of my favorites! So – here we go

I have never, ever in my life drank frozen margaritas all day and then went to my old place of employment and showered it with raw eggs. Have you ever defaced a public place??

I have not. I never understood the thrill behind ruining someone else’s shit.

I also have never, ever in my life spent a night in jail. Have you??

Yes. A few. I cannot in good conscience recommend it. Also, don’t punch a sheriff. Like, ever.

Speaking of things I have never done, I have never in my life spent the day drinking Long Island Ice Teas and thought it would be a good idea to go streaking through a dumpy, old bar. Or a grocery store. Or a Long John Silvers. Or a movie theater. Have you???

I have not. I am sensing a theme. You should know I used to be a degenerate drunk, but have been sober going on two years now. I HAVE taken a shower in a truck stop in Columbia, Missouri, while being filmed doing so, with my friends CNug and Adam (for A Horrible Way To Die). The truck stop now has its own reality show. I’m sure we had nothing to do with that.

I am deathly afraid of spiders. It has to do with a childhood encounter with a house full of tarantulas. Is there anything that gets you a zillion percent freaked out when you see one and why??

Yes. Christians and Republicans. I’m from Georgia. Also, Great White Sharks. That should be fairly self-explanatory.

One time a bunch of friends and I were up in the Ozark Mountains for a wedding. At this local store I bought a jar of “Hot n Spicy Pickled Quail Eggs”. They were probably the most disgusting thing I have ever tried to eat. Ever had any??

I have in fact. No one can eat 50 Hot n Spicy Quail Eggs.

You walk into someone’s office, cough and accidentally – but loudly – fart. Awkward!! What do you do??

I am a firm believer in owning up to your own farts. This is but one of many ways in which I differ from my father, who has been blaming his on my mother, for about 50 years.

I know I am a hot piece of ass and all, but I don’t get why everyone wants to stand so close to me at grocery stores and Barnes and Noble and such. Are you one of those close standers or do you respect people’s personal space and don’t invade their privacy???

I’m a privacy freak. I prefer to be left alone, at all times, by all people. I grew up having to defend myself a lot so when someone stands close to me I assume the next thing that happens is flight or fight. I mean, twitter is too close for me. It could be said I have social anxieties. One of the things that bond me to other like-minded creative people, like my friend and frequent collaborator Simon Barrett. If you see us at a festival or event we are likely together and look incredibly uncomfortable.

Have you ever crammed yourself into the bottom of a boat or in the back of a moving van and smuggled yourself across some country’s border, effectively becoming an illegal alien????

9/11 changed everything in terms of how people get their kicks. I’d never do that. This is a potentially stupid question. I have not yet decided.

Have you ever ignored a warning from a crazy old man who advised that you were going to die if you went down some road and then you ended up being butchered for dinner at the hands of some lunatic?????

Only on camera, and only when I’m getting paid to do it. If we’re talking Crazy Ralph, I’d throw him in the car, pop a u-turn, and treat him to a delicious meal at Red Lobster.

Let’s say you’re at a warehouse party and, after the band’s second set, you step out to get some fresh air. Someone else is out there and he asks you if you’ve got a light and you turn around and it’s Jesus Christ. How do you react???

This has actually happened to me. Coincidentally, I don’t do drugs anymore.

A few years ago one of the local news stations here did a piece about the Curling Club I was in. I didn’t get any screen time but my shoes did. Have you ever been on the news??

Of course I’ve been on the news. I was president of The Lassiter High School Marching Band. Also, in 1987, when I was ten years old, I made it into the Atlanta Journal Constitution for writing an article about why Garbage Pail Kids are immoral and teach children the wrong lessons. That’s a true story. I’ve since come around on my opinions on the topic.

If there was a celebrity that I had to go on record saying that I hated – it would be Dane Cook. Do you have anyone you just detest??? (I hope it’s not me)

I try very hard every day not to, but more times than not it ends up being me. I’m just kidding, I love myself to an unhealthy degree. Yes, there are people I detest. I can’t imagine them reading this but in that rare event I will say Amy Seimetz. She’s just the worst.

That you know of, have you ever been probed by aliens????

I watched a lot of Unsolved Mysteries as a kid. Does that count?

Belly buttons. In or out????

We’ve really gotta end this division, man.

Are you old enough to remember when you COULDN’T buy things online?? That’s not the question here though. Sitting in my office now, I am looking at the very first thing I ever bought online – a Green Bay Packer football helmet coffee mug – bought with my first computer in 1995. Do you remember the first thing you ever bought online???

I’m 35. I’m not sure, but I’d assume it was either something to cook with, or the soundtrack to Teen Wolf (on vinyl).

~ and then ~

The Signal is one of my favorite movies – do you have anything fun from the set(s) for the lot of us?

The pretzel scene was improvised. Also, Scott Poythress (Clark) actually drilled into my forearm when I punched through the door. Had to pick up the piece from the ground and rubber cement it back on. Which was, suffice to say, NOT how it was supposed to go. But, Scott is one of my oldest friends and my favorite actor, so we got past it. I’m still mad at Justin, though, because he broke my fingers, stabbed me in the ribs, and lacerated my lip with the pesticide tank. (He’s a ‘serious’ actor.) I kid, he’s fine too. We made that movie for 50 grand in 10 days and the only way we were able to do that was because we’d been friends making crappy little movies for about a decade at that point. We all went to college together. That’s a special one for me. Oh yeah-Anessa has a serious gag reflex, which I did not know about at the time, and at the end, when she’s tied up looking all fidgety and catatonic, I bent over in front of her, and began to gag, like I was nauseated from the signal. I’m not sure Anessa has ever forgiven me for that. I couldn’t have known. But it looked great!

I can’t even wait for The Sacrament – I’ve been following ‘thangs’ on lovely Twitter for months – what do you think about the movie?? Personally – I’m pumped!

It was the most positive experience I’ve ever had making a movie. I’ve not seen it yet, as Ti is in the edit right now, but it’s fair to say it’s the biggest movie of my career up to now and I am grateful for it, and especially grateful to have gotten to work with Ti again. He’s a good friend, and a better filmmaker. It was a lot of hard work, but satisfying work. I’m very excited to see it. I hope Ti was able to fix my shitty acting in post-production. 

I’m old and I pay attention to things – so, when I read your Twitter posts, I read that you’re heading into other genres. I’ll hang out with you in other flicks – for sure – what do you think?? Comedy?? Action?? Sci Fi??

I’ve only done one horror movie in the past couple years, but I have done one of each of those genres you listed. As a writer (I’m a writer) I tend to veer more towards comedy/action/romance. Basically, if I was given the green light to do whatever I wanted, I’d make 80′s movies. Forever.

I’ve read that you’ve been changing it up with your beard. I actually just grew one out of laziness because my family was in town a couple of months ago and they stressed me out out and I got lazy. The other day I got shorned and I feel GREAT!! What do you think about that??

I only ever have a beard for work. I don’t give a fuck what you do with your face, as long as you respect my personal space. Beyond that, I am happy if you’re happy.

Lastly – dude you FUCKING ROCK!!! THANK YOU for agreeing to listen to me for five minutes!! LOVE your work, amigo!!! I hope your flight(s) are safe and I hope everything works out for you!! Good luck and love and all of that!! Do you wish any of our readers such good fortune?

It depends-are your readers assholes? I guess it doesn’t matter. Sure, hugs and kisses, namaste.

 (ED: my readers are the best in the world – in no ways assholes!!)



  1. I dig this BIG TIME. Nice one, Mr. Bowen sir! Also, it’s funny how everyone I know who left Georgia is also afraid of Christians and Republicans. They’re usually one and the same down there. They’re scary and creepy but not in the good way. But I respectfully disagree about ending the divide between innies and outies, belly button wise. Outies are just wrong.


  2. “A. J. Bowen is one of the actors (among others) of one of my favorite horrors THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. I know a lot of people rip it for being “too slow” and I say to them “What the fuck? It’s a wicked slow burn!” ” Fuckin-A!!!!


  3. Okay, I have to be honest because I’m not sure who A.J. Bowen is (I mean, I get that he’s an actor, I’m just not familiar with his work apparently) but this:

    “Yes. Christians and Republicans. I’m from Georgia.”

    Just garnered him a new fan, lol. As a Southern gal, that makes me run in the opposite direction pretty much any day of the week. 😉

    Great interview, Eric!! So happy you got to do this! 🙂


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