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I reckon every generation has their own version of THE HANGOVER or SUPERBAD – I am sure that goes without saying. As everyone is aware these days – I’m an old fucker and I remember going to see this in the theater and I remember I was BLOWN AWAY by what I saw that night. These weren’t “A List” movie stars but they were very mainstream and doing a bunch of very un-mainstream things in this. Christian Slater chopped up a hooker, everyone did a bunch of coke, they murdered a man with a corkscrew, ran people down in cold blood, cried like babies and Diaz played the biggest bitch ever. This also had the guy from SE7EN in a role that wasn’t what he had been type-cast as:  – “HE MADE ME FUCK HER!!! HE MADE ME FUCK HER!!!” and this was all sorts of bloody fun.


In order here that’s Jeremy Piven perfecting his obnoxious douchebag persona, Slater getting his dark and evil side on, Jon Favreau continuing his wimpy puss character, Diaz before she was popular, the “HE MADE ME FUCK HER!!!” guy and Daniel Stern who I had only ever heard of or seen in HOME ALONE – so I was very surprised to find him in this hard-R sex-and-drugs black comedy. I mean – check out this still below:


I mean – I wasn’t expecting THAT from a Slater / Favreau movie!! What a surprise!! Have you seen this? Do you remember it? The gist: wimpy and mild Favreau is somehow getting married to the still young and stunning Cameron Diaz. It’s bachelor party time so he and his buds head to Vegas for a night of cocaine, drinking, weed, booze and a hooker. Things go bad when, while pounding away at the young lady, Piven accidentally murders her. Soon, someone else is murdered and blood is everywhere and bodies are being chopped up and buried in the desert and everyone starts to lose their cool and things just get worse and worse and worse and worse.


If you’ve never seen this, this is actually a very fun movie with lots of turns that you didn’t see coming with a bunch of people who aren’t quite as popular as they used to be but made a very “edgy” movie back when they were hot. On a personal note – 1998 was a terrible year for me. I was working 16-17 hours a goddamned day in a hot fucking kitchen trying to get a bunch of illegal aliens to do work. I probably weighed 160 pounds and I hated my life. It’s very easy for me to get depressed and I was in a terrible state back then but I eventually got out of that mess and got a good job and met the woman who would save my life and be my wife and I think I can say that, you know, kinda, hey, well, maybe, I’m proud of myself. *sniff* Love you people! Now, where’s a goddamned fucking tissue???


For a similar, but much shorter, take on this fine movie, please check out my friend Chris @ FILM HIPSTER’s thoughts HERE


  1. You know, in my book, you are starting to be that person who makes all these weird movies sound fun and interesting and actually something I wouldn’t normally want to see, I have that desire to check it out..haha!
    This looks beyond weird….just from that still that you had up there…but hey, I’m going to trust you when you say that it will be fun and if I happen to land on this some time, I will definitely watch it 😉
    Awesome review 🙂 Made me laugh at least !
    Oh, by the way, *passes you a tissue*


    • theipc

      I don’t think you’ll go wrong with this – this is good fun – and the things that happen are very surprising as things get worse and worse and worse – I hope you like!!

      BTW – thanks for the tissue : )


  2. The first time I saw this movie I was, I think, 18 and thought it was god awful. I was however, still innocent and naive and still believed in God and stuff too though so that’s probably why. I’d probably love it now. 😉


  3. I really enjoyed this one bro but when I seen it, I had already seen a film called STAG. It featured Kevin Dillon, Andrew McCarthy and Mario Van Peebles. It was released a year before Very Bad Things and the plot is practically identical. You should check it out man.


  4. I really liked this movie until they started killing like….everyone! I loved the bits in Vegas 🙂 but I just didn’t enjoy the rest of it AS much. I have it on DVD though 🙂 hope you feel less old now Pen! I’m old too!!!!!

    “Jeremy Piven perfecting his obnoxious douchebag persona” – LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • theipc

      This old thing?????? HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

      Fair enough to me!!!!

      LOVE Pen!!!!!!!!!


      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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