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I have come out here before and admitted that I have never seen many of these movies. I remember my mom and I went to see the first one in the theater and sometime later in my life SCROTEY and I watched the second one on video tape at his mom’s house. I honestly don’t know why but I never saw any of the others until I watched the remake on cable last year, which I didn’t hate – but I think I’m in a very small minority there. That’s probably because I haven’t seen them all and don’t possess a burning, fiery  passion for the franchise, but I kind of liked the new one with new special effects and I always fall for slo-mo and – HEY – CLANCY BROWN!!! YES!!


Last October, Misty (and some other Good People) were doing Nightmare on Elm Street marathons and I was all “I haven’t seen any of these : ( : ( : ( : ( ) and Misty said something like “at least watch this third one” and I was all “okie dokie” and she was like “great” and I was like “ok!” and she was like “*giggles*” and I was like “Ha!” or something to that effect. I was kind of excited because this had a young Patricia Arquette in here, who I really like, and then the movie started and – WHAT??? DOKKEN???? YES!!!!


This starts off with young Arquette eating coffee and drinking Diet Coke – to stay awake – to prevent having her horrible, horrible, horrible dreams. Then she actually has a nightmare (on Elm Street? I don’t think so, but I could be wrong) so her mom commits her to the local Sanitarium For Deranged Youths and she tries to kill herself despite young Larry Fishburne’s attempts to stop her. Luckily the Sanitarium For Deranged Youths has a new intern who happens to stop in for a visit!! It’s the Nancy character from the first movie!! With eyebrows as thick as caterpillars!! She immediately bonds with Arquette and they hug and then make out!!! Psych!! on that last part because they don’t Make It which is a major bummer : ( but they do form some kind of Psychic Dream Bond and then the doctor really wants to BOND with Nancy.


Now that I think about it and I am 362 words into this post, I think what’s deterred me from keeping an eye on this franchise is the fact that – to me – it tries too hard to be funny. Corny one liners aren’t really my cup of beer and I remember the ads on TV always showcased a few of Krueger’s attempts at humor. Plus, in 1987, I had to get my first full-time job, so I started working and didn’t have much time to go to the movies.


Watching this the other day, I wasn’t 1,000,000% in love with the scene where Freddy turned in to a giant penis worm thing and tried to eat Arquette.


I also didn’t love it when Freddy had boobs –


Or when he killed Dick Cavett and Zsa Zsa Gabor while they were doing an interview on his show and then came out of the TV and killed whatshername. I give them props for being creative and such but, these things just never really worked for me. All in all, I didn’t love this but I didn’t hate it *shrugs*… I’m sure I’ll watch the others at some point in my life… So – to Misty and Chris and everyone else – who have more invested in this franchise than I do – love you peeps and let’s all do some sort of Halloween “round table” thing or something later this year. Maybe we could do, like, a tournament bracket or something.


    • theipc

      I did! I actually went and saw this with my mom when it came out – in the theater : ) I remember liking the first one a lot!


  1. Yay!!!!! I am so happy you watched it finally!!! Sad making you didn’t LOVE it but also totes understandable because of the one liners. I think Freddy might be for a certain time and age in a young man or woman’s life. 😉 But yay for you watching it!!! Also I like how accurate the transcription of our conversation was – I checked my records and that’s totally how it went down. *giggles*


    • theipc

      Hi Mutant!!!

      Tell me – me being not much of a fan of the whole series – why didn’t you like the remake? Just curious – I thought it was OK…?


      • Hmm. Ok. First of all I’m one of these people who gets REALLY pissed off whenever they remake a favorite old movie (I’ll never watch The Omen remake! That’s my favorite horror movie). So that wasn’t going to help. 🙂 The Nightmare on Elm Street remake just seemed pointless as the original is such a cult classic. Also, I’ve always preferred “less is more” and hated them making Freddy a child molester in the remake where it was only kind of implied originally? Not even sure it was… Plus I preferred Jackie Earle Haley as the cool kid in the Bad New Bears… Lol! I’m old… 😉


  2. Me Chris? Lol.

    Yeah I didn’t really like this one too much. I think the general consensus for me was the first one was great and it went downhill from there.

    Love your little Eric/Misty post recreation. That was spot on sir and made me laugh.


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  4. I’m actually going to an all-night Nightmare on Elm Street marathon at a cinema here in London later this month. I think I’ll stay for the first three. The first one is brilliant, the second one is a hallmark of LGBT cinema, and the third one is….passable.


  5. This is the best Elm St. Anyone who says otherwise is just… I don’t know, I’m specchless… I’m so speechless I spell speechless with two c’s and one ‘e’. All I can say is they’ve gone on a mad ‘un and need shooting with a tranquiliser dart.

    What’s interesting about Nightmare On Elm St 3 is director Chuck Russell visited this idea 3 years earlier in Dreamscape, a film he co-wrote and a film that shares a few similarities with NOES3…


  6. This is my favourite of all the Elm Street movies even the original! I love this one so much, it’s one of my all time favourite horrors. I love the friendship between the kids, I LOVE the death scenes (veins!!!) and I LOOOOOVE Laurence Fishburne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and Patricia!!!!)


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