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We all love film. And when it comes to our favorites, we always like to watch special editions like The Director’s Cut or The Extended Cut or The 25th Anniversary Three More Seconds Added Cut.

Today we’re proud to announce the arrival of a new kind of cut – THE BLOGGERS CUT – presented by Chris from filmhipster and Eric from THE IPC. This will be OUR take on how a movie really should have gone or even how it really should go. Please enjoy: THE EXPENDABLES 3!!


TheExpendables3 (1)


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  2. I have not watched The Expendables because I had no interest. I would pay GOOD money to see this shiz though!!! *giggles* I love the little extras here like Tyty’s number on the bathroom wall. 😉


    • theipc

      That’s because you need to reload your pre-paid minutes, Scrotey!!!!! The 19th century just called my Smartphone and wants you back!!!


  3. Haha this is awesome. If only Lynda Carter still looked that good. Ah, fuck it, I still wouldn’t kick her out of bed. Awesome work guys, I read everything in the characters’ voices. I am apparently a very good actor in my head.


    • theipc

      THANK YOU!!!!!!

      I need to update mine too – so many great new blogs I’ve followed since the last time I updated that page – I’ll be very sure to add yours too : )

      Thanks for reading!!


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