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My wife likes to make fun of me retell the story of the first time I watched THE DESCENT. She was downstairs watching something or other and I was upstairs. She was minding her own business and suddenly she heard a scream from the room I was in. So she ran upstairs to see what was wrong with me – was there a spider around?? Did i hurt myself somehow?? Did the dog throw up in my lap again?? Of course it was none of those things – I had just seen the “turn the night vision camera thing around” and got the shit scared out of me! I fucking love THE DESCENT and after I watched it I looked up who directed this mother effer that actually SCARED me and saw that he had made a movie prior – DOG SOLDIERS so I wall all kinds of pumped for this.


So I went up to the movie store that’s now closing after 20 or 30 years and rented this and it sure didn’t disappoint! It wasn’t anywhere nearly “scary” like THE DESCENT but it was all kinds of bloody – actiony – werewolfy – awesome!! I hadn’t seen it since that first time until the other day and I was curious how it would hold up and I think I liked it more this time than the first because now I do this thing out here and I pay more attention to smaller details than I used to and I can appreciate film making more than just being a stoned dude on a couch. Have you seen this? If not – now that I’ve blabbed that it’s about werewolves, let’s go ahead and put out the “money shot” of this movie:


This movie starts off with a little action and then some exposition and then this group of Scottish soldiers out on a training mission get a butchered cow thrown at them and soon they’re attacked by giant werewolves and look for safety in a rural farmhouse. Soon the shit really hits the fan and they’re under heavy attack by these bastards and at one point Kevin McKidd runs upstairs and finds one of ’em towering over his Sergeant – Sean Pertwee. It’s really a beautiful shot and they manage to hold him off for a minute and then they head downstairs to try and survive the night.


Hey look!! There’s Sean Pertwee right there! I really like him and he always seems to turn up in things that I like; too bad he got burned alive in eaten in DOOMSDAY! What a shame – he’ll never grace our screens again : ( What? It’s just a movie? SWEET!! I look forward to more of his work! Back to the movie at hand – these guys and that girl up above are just trying to survive the night and make it til morning. This is action packed throughout, awful bloody and pretty believable, if you can believe in unstoppable werewolves terrorizing a group of men in a secluded country cottage. There’s a couple of things that I didn’t like about this – like when Spoon is fist-fighting one of the creatures (eye roll) and some questionable dialogue that didn’t fit: “Bad dog!!” but overall this was all kinds of fun. Totally recommended to sit back with a bunch of beers and give it a watch! Hey look! There’s Pertwee’s dad – Jon – staring down what I believe is a Yeti!


For another positive review of this, check out FILM HIPSTER’S take HERE


  1. Wordschat

    Werewolves terrorizing a secluded cottage eh? Make them zombies and you got the 2nd half of Walking Dead Season 2. Where’s Daryl when you need him. Good dog.


    • theipc

      Like any horror dude, when The Walking Dead was announced I was excited but leery. I had been reading the comics but I got really bored with them pretty quickly. I was worried the show would do the same thing.

      Sadly – and shame on me – I made it about halfway through the first season and quit. How’s it going these days?


      • Wordschat

        Don’t want to spoil WD but suffice to day the undead become only a part that they deal with. They learn how to kill now what or who and why?


  2. Brilliant post! Love both these films and your story about your wife running in to you screaming made me laugh xD I watched The Descent before going on a ghost tour in a cave with some friends…not the best idea we’ve ever had! Also love the fact that you’ve included a shot of my favourite part of the film, dubbed lovingly by myself and a friend as ‘Window Wolf’ … that bit where Sarge is in bed and the wolf is standing there in a ballerina stance…it gets me every time!


  3. My fave werewolf film in recent years – the big head half-man/ half-wolf werewolves were so much better than all the CGI werewolves in Underworld. Great action, great characters and acting, excellent plot twist, what’s not to like?


  4. Hey a film you reviewed that I have actually seen! I loved this, surprisingly due to my aversion to horror. The bit with the dog and the intestines will stick in my mind forever.


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