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The first time I wrote about this movie (December 2011), I had one or two followers and I really loved it and one of the producers happened to see my review about it and he tweeted it out and I got a ton of views that day. That’s rightfully so since this movie is absolutely fantastic and, the next year (July 2012) I did a “Best Of My SIte” type of thing leading up to my one year anniversary and I think I had 30 followers and some folks were like “OOOHHH this sounds good – but I can’t find it anywhere”. Well, since then, our number of Good and Most Beloved Readers has grown a bit and what better time to publish this again than now, when one of the producers has let me know that this is now available on Netflix streaming in the U.S. and Canada??? There’s a couple of people that I am looking at – Misty, Chris, Kim who I think will love AMBER LAKEBrad and Brian, I don’t know if this will be for you but this is a real gem of a movie!! I think Tyson searched it out and might have found it on iTunes UK – so – for my UK and Romanian friends – it might be out there too but I can’t fly all over the world to test :  )

Anyway – here are my thought on this, once again – NOW GO SEE IT – I would never steer you wrong.


It’s always a thrill to come across some movie that you have no idea what it’s about and no expectations and it turns out to be really good. This movie looks really good, the acting is superb, the story is inventive and creative (which is so very rare these days) and told in awesome three-very-different-perspective flashback sequences to a very effectively subdued character actor Timothy V Murphy, as the local cop. This isn’t an action movie in any way, this is moody, a little tense and “character driven” that was very entertaining in a quality way. I saw this available for rental a few months ago and kept putting it off, because the trailer doesn’t do this justice – I wish I hadn’t and  I would totally watch this again. All of the cast did a really good job in this – bravo to them. I also thought it was super creative the way they did the three different scenes with the truck.


Three very attractive actresses play three characters named Amber: three sisters (from three different mothers) who don’t know that each other exists that receive a hand written letter from their absentee father. One, Amber Allen (Natalie Smyka) is a joyful pixie who isn’t afraid to get in her skivvies and jump in the lake (also named Amber) with strange boys. Another, Amber Hannold (Mekenna Melvin) is a suicidal, upset reclusive type and the last, Amber Thomas (Polly Cole) is a depressed yet successful author.  The father of the three is a brilliant psychiatrist who wants to get the three together and help them get their lives together since he hasn’t been involved with them in their entire existence. They all have some sort of mental problems and he stages an intervention – calling out their personality disorders like an incredible dickhead, upsetting them enough to all storm out in a rage. As that scene closes and the next opens up, the father is dead in the lake.


What follows is an interview with each of the Ambers by the cop I mentioned earlier, and each retrospective of what happened after the intervention is very different – and very cool, both from the way each Amber acted as well as the way the other two sisters recall each other’s behaviors.  They also have different recollections of who it was that actually engaged the father after the incident(s) at the beach, and each have different takes on how the father reacted based on their personalities – like I said – really good stuff.  I wont give away the ending – but this is as satisfying an ending as I have seen in quite a while.

I really liked Amber Lake. 


  1. Imagine, a lake filled with amber and millions of primeval mosquitos trapped inside, leading to the creation of thousands of dinosaur species that terrorize three sisters who have amazing mental powers! Sounds good.


  2. Wordschat

    I’ll see if its on Netflix Canada; we don’t get as big a selection as the US. BTW never date a shrink or even a psychology major. They can’t turn off the analysis. Its like dating a parent.


  3. Wordschat

    Eureka for us Canadians, I found Amber Lake on Xbox Video for a reasonable 280 credits in SD or 380 HD. Still bummer Netflix CA doesn’t have it. Heard Xbox is working on regular bucks to be used. Do away with this credits nonsense hopefully by fall.


  4. GaryLee828


    I remember you recommending this to me on my blog site a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t find it anywhere; then it was added to netflix and I came across it, and watched it last night. I thought it started out pretty bad, and I was afraid I was in for a B movie after the sisters first met – but it got better shortly after and then held my interest. Overall I thought it was pretty good – mostly b/c it wasn’t predictable. And the ending was pretty surprising. It really was pretty jacked up. lol. Some were saying they didn’t like the way it ended b/c it doesn’t provide an answer, but I think it’s obviously clear what happened. I may add this to my “Clever twists & endings” page on my blog site when I update it. I didn’t think it was a great movie as some of the dialogue felt a little forced, and the cop was a bit dull, and the father felt unrealistic in my opinion, but I think the film was overall good enough to overlook its flaws. I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10. The mystery, unpredictability and ending were the strongest aspects that made it work in my opinion.

    Okay, so here’s the deal…I have now watched “May” – “The Woods” – “Sick Girl” – and “Amber Lake” based off your recommendations. It is time for you to watch one of my recommendations now. I want you to watch “The Hidden Face”. It’s on netflix streaming. Like, “Amber Lake” it presents a strong sense of mystery and unpredictability. Seeing how much you like Amber Lake I think you will like this one, as well. 🙂


    • theipc

      Gary – the first thing that comes to mind when I read your post is “OHMYGODMANYOUWACTHEDSICKGIRL??????” I put that post out to prevent exactly that!!! I appreciate your thoughts on Amber Lake – obviously things click differently with different people. At least now I can talk to someone about it : ) The ending made the whole movie for me.

      I just DVD queued up The HIdden Face and moved it to position number 1. I should probably get it in a few days ands we’ll see what we’ve got!!

      P.S. What did you think of Sick Girl?


    • theipc

      OH wait – you’re probably talking about the Lucky McKee one, right??? Not the abomination I posted about a couple of weeks ago??


      • GaryLee828

        Yeah, I see all the notices; the blog lets me know anytime there’s a reply to any of my comments, and I always check them.

        I’m so glad to see someone else finally watching this hidden gem. Drop a comment on my Hidden Face entry. 🙂 And if you get a chance, write a review (spoiler free of course!) I want this movie to get spread throughout the movie blog universe. 🙂


      • GaryLee828

        OK, so now that you have watched the movie – now you can go to Youtube and look at the trailer; the trailer is really good, but you can’t show it to anyone before they have watched the movie b/c it reveals the twist. When recommending this movie you have to be careful with your words not to give anything away. It’s best to go into it cold. On your review be careful not to post any pictures that could give anything away – and don’t post the trailer, either. I know you have a lot of followers, so hopefully a slew of them will watch and be able to absorb the the twist with no predicting what’s going to happen. 🙂


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