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BLACK SHEEP is a strange one – INSANELY gory (there’s one scene in a – what is it called – I guess it would be a “rendering pit” that’s sickening), pretty funny and dark, has great dialogue and is spoken in my favorite accent – Australian / New Zealand. On the other hand, it’s half disgusting, doesn’t make a lot of sense, includes a sheep driving a truck and………. AND…… I think the lead’s brother character is implied to be – in love and………. consummating……. with a……. sheep….. um… ICK. I guess – I would say I enjoyed it but I doubt I’ll ever take a chance on it again. Once is enough for this one – to me.


Over in New Zealand, a sheep factory (I think) is genetically manipulating the DNA of sheep for a reason I didn’t quite ever get. The guy above and his girlfriend whose character is named Experience are trying to thwart the testing on these poor animals so they steal a canister containing an embryo of a mutant baby lamb. Like always, they accidentally drop it and it breaks open and it COMES TO LIFE!!!!! and bites this poor fucker. Soon – he turns in to a sheep (???) and wants to eat people (???). Here’s a break in the action: when I tell people that I live in Oklahoma (in the U.S.) I think most people assume I live on a thousand acre ranch and ride a horse everywhere I go. That’s not the case – I actually live in the middle of a nice neighborhood and drive a pick-up with a very manly dual exhaust system that rumbles when I drive down the street. “Why the fuck are you telling us this, Isaacs??” you ask. Because I’ve never been on a ranch or been around a fucking sheep so I don’t know anything about them but I thought they went around eating grass and not people.


Anyway, my Most Beloveds, the guy above with the sheep on his ear turns into the thing directly above and wants to eat a bunch of people. Elsewhere, a guy with some sort of Sheepophobia has returned home to sell his interest in the family sheep factory. I just looked up a list of phobias to see if there was a name for Sheepophobia and didn’t get too far down the list because I saw this and realized this must be what my friend BRIAN suffers from: CHAETOPHOBIA: the fear of hair.


Wait – maybe he likes hair too much. Back to the movie – the fellow below and his fear of sheep and Experience want to stop all of this madness before it’s too late. Do they?? I would hate to blab and ruin the secret, so you’ll probably have to check this out for yourself. If nothing else, there’s some seriously funny lines in here and some of the situations will make you LOL – but it’s also very gory and, late in the movie, you’ll get the surprise shot of a man’s WEENUS getting pulled and stretched and bitten off. Surprise! YAY!! For another take on this bad boy, check out Misty’s thoughts HERE.


To finish this off, I am going to get all wiki leaks up in here and publish the photo BRIAN never wanted to get out!!! Just look at his hideous necktie!!!!!:



  1. I do have chaetophobia, but I’m also schizophrenic, and one of my other personalities LOVES hair. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THESE ACTORS HAVE HAIR!!!!!! Mmmmm, look at that beautiful hair…

    Oh, and Irving Spiderman will be knocking on your door about the picture.


  2. I think this sounds absolutely hysterical! Seriously. It’s like that so bad that it must be good kind of vibe! Ha! 🙂 Where can I get a copy!? Loving your header by the way and I have missed reading your blog, but life has been CRAZY busy and I’ve been out of the sphere.


    • theipc

      I have missed you out here too : (

      Did I read that you are getting hitched??

      Thanks for the comment on the header!!! I have it on “random” right now – which one did you land on?? I have been working hard on those : )


  3. I had to click on this review when I saw the Sheep image that they use at the LAMB, I actually have that logo on my site and I never even realized this was an actual film. Sounds like a riot, will have to try and check this one out.


  4. I remember going to see this & I think the hubby and I were the only ones there. I actually really liked it! And the, um, weenus bit. And I liked that the one guy looked like the New Zealand version of Bruce Campbell. And I’m not surprised that you drive a big truck – they go well with mullets. 😉


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